Jay-Z & KanYe West – Watch The Throne (Album Review)

Kings of Hip Hop?…

It’s finally here, the long-awaited must hear album the year. The two biggest names in hip hop collide to make a legendary collaboration album. One is Kanye to the a.k.a Mr.West, the 2010 comeback of the year and high off the Classic and PMB’s Album of The Year, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’  The other is Jay-z, and he has been going strong since ‘Reasonable Doubt’ to now, which he has been hopping on others records and stealing the show from likes of M.I.A, Drake & even Mr.West himself. KanYe Is the most consistent rapper in hip hop history and Jay-Z is a guy  that dosen’t get out shined on tracks often, so the pressures is on and nothing is acceptable but a classic.  Can they keep their rightful spots at the throne, or is it time to step down?

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Watch The Throne!!! Kanye West Returns to the Top of the Charts.

“They tried to black ball me but they forgot about two things my black balls!” From most hated to #1 on the charts don’t call it a comeback! With no singles cracking top ten on the charts and no legit mainstream run with a music video and to be called a nigger and a racist and a devil worshiper of Jay-z “Illuminati clique,”  I gotta say quite impressive.

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KanYe West-My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy(Album Review)

His Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy……

One of, if not the most anticipated album of the year is finally here with all the controversy around Kanye West, it’s time to recall why we even know who this guy is in the first place. Producer of Jay-z’s classics Blueprint, Black Album and newest addition BP3 and has three critically acclaimed smash albums of his own and the unexpected smash “808’s and Heartbreak” with Kanye singing with auto-tune, who would of thought that would have been a success. With that under his belt it can seem easy to be feeling yourself a little too much, but with that much success can he do it a fifth time? 5 consecutive great albums is unheard of in hip hop and will this be what sets Kanye up there with his big brother and Eminem if he’s not already up there and with his groundbreaking music what else can he do? Well the time is here to see if this  Evil Genius is legit or just a asshole.

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Lloyd Banks-The Hunger For More 2 (Album Review)

Isn’t This Leftovers?………….

Fitty’s G-Unit has had it’s up and downs throughout the years, but Lloyd Banks was the only one there from start(Yayo was in jail) to now with Fifty. Banks been on the G G G G G GRIND! With over five mixtapes in the past two years alone, Weezy ain’t the only hardworking man in town. He just released his third studio album which ironically is a sequel to his first album “Hunger For More.” Fifty made me belive in him again with the smash “Before I Self Destruct” but can Banks finish what Fifty started and show us that G Unit still can deliver that hard Hip Hop Shit.

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Nicki Minaj- Pink Friday(Album Review)

All Pink Everything………….

Nicki Minaj judgment day is finally here, she has the most pressure of any hip hop album this year cuz for one, she’s a female emcee two, because of her team Young Money and Drake album success and the fact that she’s on everybody’s album so it’s like she the hottest thing to have on a record and three, she outshined Kanye and Jay on “Monster.” All that with no debut, you know the pressure is there and the odds are against her. It’s no secret how PMB feels about Nicki Minaj either, we show it openly on the blog any chance we get, so can she shut up her biggest critics? Is she a walking marketing tool or can she hang in a mans world?

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