Jay-Z & KanYe West – Watch The Throne (Album Review)

Kings of Hip Hop?…

It’s finally here, the long-awaited must hear album the year. The two biggest names in hip hop collide to make a legendary collaboration album. One is Kanye to the a.k.a Mr.West, the 2010 comeback of the year and high off the Classic and PMB’s Album of The Year, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’  The other is Jay-z, and he has been going strong since ‘Reasonable Doubt’ to now, which he has been hopping on others records and stealing the show from likes of M.I.A, Drake & even Mr.West himself. KanYe Is the most consistent rapper in hip hop history and Jay-Z is a guy  that dosen’t get out shined on tracks often, so the pressures is on and nothing is acceptable but a classic.  Can they keep their rightful spots at the throne, or is it time to step down?

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Throwback Thursday 02/03: Nas

This week we at the Prolific Movement Blog are kicking off Black History month with the best of the best. Nas. The same guy from the Queens; who rose to the top of the Hip Hop game speaking against the system that controls our brothers, sisters, and children. Though, most remember this invigorating Black figure for the feud on wax with Jay-Z, most also seem to forget that Nas has been the only mainstream icon putting positive music out to embrace children. Something Jay hasn’t done since the 90s.  So without further delay, lets take a trip back in time and give our future generations a much-needed wakeup call.

The 50 Cent P.Diddy beef is definitely boiling over

So I haven’t been on my media research in some weeks due to work but, boy does the sound of beef fuel me. The signing of Rick Ross to Bad Boy has definitely struck a nerve to 50 Cent’s “kill everything associated with officer ricky” mentality. However, Hip Hop is going through a drastic change and there are alot of situations that seem shady. Beggining with the Jay-Z Roc Nation label; the signing of lil kim and pretty much deserting Rick, Jeezy, and T.I. It seems as if Jay is taking the typical route he did when he played all the artist on the Rocafella label.

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