Jay-Z & KanYe West – Watch The Throne (Album Review)

Kings of Hip Hop?…

It’s finally here, the long-awaited must hear album the year. The two biggest names in hip hop collide to make a legendary collaboration album. One is Kanye to the a.k.a Mr.West, the 2010 comeback of the year and high off the Classic and PMB’s Album of The Year, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’  The other is Jay-z, and he has been going strong since ‘Reasonable Doubt’ to now, which he has been hopping on others records and stealing the show from likes of M.I.A, Drake & even Mr.West himself. KanYe Is the most consistent rapper in hip hop history and Jay-Z is a guy  that dosen’t get out shined on tracks often, so the pressures is on and nothing is acceptable but a classic.  Can they keep their rightful spots at the throne, or is it time to step down?

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Ace Hood-Blood Sweat & Tears (Album Review)

Hustler Ambitions……

One of Dj Khaled featured artist, Ace Hood from We The Best Music Group and he is one of those quiet guys that been around for some time, this is set to be his third release and hasn’t had much of a buzz as an Artist until this album, beside “Ride” with Trey Songz. Since then, Ace been bringing out banger after banger as singles on the album. First was “Hustle Hard” then the remix of that and now “Go and Get It” getting heavy rotation on the airways. He now finally has hip hop’s attention, now it’s time to see what is he going to do with it.

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Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame – Ferrari Boyz (Album Review)

The Ice Cream Man and The Autistic Rapper….

The most anticipated rap album of all time! Okay  not really, but I really don’t know how to start off this review. These two considered two of some the worst rappers out today, to make things worst, one got a Mcflurry on his face and can’t stay out of jail and the other is on the verge of being legally retarded.  So I’m not really expecting much from this album with two low-level rappers with some bass driven productions to make up for their tired ass rhymes, but could they shut up the doubters like myself, could they finally step up to the plate and give us some lyrical content, could I possibly be proven wrong?

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The Cool Kids – When Fish Ride Bicycles (Album Review)

                                                 Originators Of What’s Cool…..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I have to give this duo credit for being original from day one.  They were rocking snap backs, flannels, skinny jeans, and bright colors, while everyone else was rocking baggy jeans and tall tees. Now everyone jocking their stee-lo, what’s worst than that is, followers that just jocks and give no credit to the originators *coughs New Boyz *coughs Tyga and alot more, but enough about that, this is the longest push of a album since Detox, well actually we’re still waiting on Detox (let’s see how that goes) while this album is finally seeing the light of day. When I heard it was coming out I said, “Yeah right, when fish really ride bicycles” and sure enough the cover says it all. So is the album worth the long wait and can The Cool Kids come in take back the movement that’s rightfully theirs?

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Lil B ‘The Based God’-I’m Gay (Album Review)

      No Homo?……………

The most hated man in the Rap industry right now (outside Jimmy Henchmen) just released the most controversial record to date since Nas ‘Untitled’ album. The mixed expectations of Lil B is overwhelmed, either you want him to fail or succeed, not much shades of grey for Lil B, but I’m pretty sure everyone is tuned in to hear the release of “I’m Gay” but is it good intentions or do it just spread negativity from a culture that’s extremely homophobic and anyone that says anything with “homo” similarities, they have a problem with . The main verdict is does this album have a legit purpose or just for shock value?

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Big Sean-Finally Famous (Album Review)

                                                 This some G.O.O.D music…..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Big Sean is one of the many talents of KanYe West’s G.O.O.D music team from west side of Detroit and been one of the anticipated debuts of a artist( still waiting of Jay Elect and Cole). Kid Cudi was a hit, CyHi The Prince “Royal Flush 2” recently released and is a smash, former G.O.O.D music artist Consequence was a underground favorite and now it’s Big Sean turn at bat; So does he have a hit or strikes out and head to the bleachers?

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Maybach Music Group Presents: Self Made Vol.1(Album Review)

Homemade Bullshit!!!!

The highly anticipated Self Made Vol 1 is finely upon us.  The collaboration studio album from rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group staring around Rozay, Meek Mill, Pill, Teedra Moses, Stalley and whatever them cats from Triple C names is, I just know ones a crackhead, but we all that on the compilation album plus more features from others artist, you only see the three newest members on the cover like they’re the Miami Heat or a big three of some sort, but it’s pretty clear who’s the Batman of this team.

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Killer Mike-Pl3dge (Album Review)

Respect His Grind!…

Not many people know who Killer Mike is, but any big Outkast fan knows the 411. He’s been on the grind for nearly a decade and has 4 studio albums prior to this release and had some classics in the collection. One of the better rappers from the south rumored to be signing to T.I’s Grand Hustle with not much exposure as other south artist but one of the better of the bunch with his remix to “Ready Set Go” buzzing with Big Boi boding the track and Mike holding his own near the legend as usual, has the album in great aliment to be a quality record. So will it give use respect for the south or will it fade to the back with the rest of most recent south albums.

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Beastie Boys-Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 (Album Review)

 The Hangover..

If you don’t know who this trio is, then you don’t deserve an opinion in hip hop. They were th 80’s Eminem, I can every recall ‘Rolling Stones’ maginzine decsribed them as “Three Idiots Who Creates a Masterpiece.” While being in their mid forties (yes, older than Hova) isn’t stopping this group from picking up the mic and is now releasing their 9th album (don’t quote me on that) which was scheduled two years ago and is finally seeing the day of light, with that said Beastie Boys haven’t had a classic album since “Hello Nasty” and that’s like four albums ago, can they still hang with today’s hip hop era?

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