Prolific Movement’s Own: Ron Starr

Here’s exhibit A, Ron Starr™. If you don’t recognize this man’s face,then you’ve obviously been living under a rock. However, hopefully you recognize his music. No stranger to fame; Ron has definitely been on his grind representing Brooklyn to the fullest. Modeling, acting, charity events, singing, songwriting, and the list just keeps going down the page. In a state whereas R&B music has seemed to lost a step; you’ll never find someone to embrace the mic with as much charisma, passion, and swagger as this guy.

With iconic superstars like Brady as his inspiration; please expect Ron to keep progressing in the music industry at a high rate. Now Ron is currently pushing his newest song “Make The Beat Go” to listeners all across the globe. Its the ideal track for a summer day whereas you wake up feeling like everything is so right. No one can steal your shine or blow your mood no matter how hard they tried.

It’s music artist like Ron that often get overlooked for its originality and realness. Not everyone wants to hear some drama filled R&B song where the male or female cheated and someone’s heart is broken; because 9 times out of 10 its almost the same wordplay all the time. But Ron’s different, we like different, since everyone else seems blinded by replicas.

We at the Prolific Movement are delighted to have a multi-talented individual like this on board. So stay tuned as we provide you will all access to Ron Starr updates. In the meantime you can follow this unique, talented individual on twitter via @Ron_Starr

Make sure you download “The Ron Starr Experience” Mixtape.

You Ain’t Gotta Love Me(Intro)


Chill Real Ill

Make The Beat Go



I Want It All

We’ll Be Making Love(Interlude)

Love(Touch Me)

Make The Beat Go(Remix) Feat. Josh Blaze

Love(Touch Me Acapella)


Make The Beat Go Official Video!