NBA Top 10 Players (5-1)

5) Dwight Howard: For the past three seasons, Howard has led the league in rebounds three times, and blocks twice. This past season, Howard shot a league best .612% while collecting his second consecutive defensive player of the year award.

4) Kevin Durant: He's the youngest scoring champion in leaue history, and the last person with a realistic chance to break many of the "fastest to score" records LeBron has been setting for the past seven years. Although he's ridiculously skinny, he still manages to average 7.6 rebounds.

3) Carmelo Anthony: One of the best scorers in the league, Melo is known for his superior mid-range game but has improved his post game and can now shoot the long ball with good accuracy. Although he doesn't have the MVP's, scoring titles or championships, he's clearly one of the best players in the league.

1B) Kobe Bryant: He's the most clutch player in the league, and is the two time reining finals MVP. His resume includes over 25,00 points, 5 championships, 1 regular season MVP award, and a gold medal. 81 points in a single game, four straight 50+ point games, outscoring an entire team in three quarters...theres nothing this guy cannot do.

1A) LeBron James: Miami's small forward is a triple double machine. He's finished second or better in scoring for the last three seasons. His only weakness seems to be his three point shooting which has continued to get better since he entered the league. He's broke every youngest to reach point record from 1,000 to 15,000, two time regular season and all star game MVP. He can also play four positions with great effictiveness

This is just my opinion. Do you have any problem with the order? Did I leave someone out? Let me know, I wanna hear ya opinions


NBA Top 10 Players (6-10)

 10) Chris Bosh: Very skillful big man. Some may look at him and Gasol as PF’s with a SF game. Both use finesse rather than strength, but they get their stats either way. Of course Bosh won’t get as much points or rebounds, as he will be teaming up with two other people on this list.

9) Deron Williams: When CP3 went down with a knee injury in February 2010; Williams took that as an inspiration, and began torching the entire league. Williams is the second coming of a Steve Nash, just a little more physical.

8 ) Pau Gasol: The most skillful big man in the league today. He’s a 7 footer that can step out & hit the 17 footer. A little frail, but he manages to do well without the strength.

7) Chris Paul: Many people have forgotten about Paul since his team went from playoff contenders to not being a threat in their division. When he was healthy, he led the league in steals, and assists. He even finished second in the 2008 NBA MVP race (which he should’ve won). Paul is still the best passers in the league, and when he return, he will finish what he started.

6) Dwyane Wade: Prolific scorer, proven winner, and a great leader. Wade’s a small guy with an all-around game, but is known to be a strong slasher and a great defender. He’s a scoring champion, finals, and all star game MVP.

World Basketball Festival 2010

Yesterday the World Basketball Festival was held in Radio City Music Hall. The
show included a performance by Jay-Z who performed some of his most recent hits such as "Run This Town", but also took it back to Reasonable Doubt days by
performing "Dead Presidents". Ballers such as Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and
Rajon Rondo got to showcase their talent. Although it was just a scrimmage, a
lot was on the line for some players. Guys like Tyson Chandler and Rudy Gay look to join the likes of Miami's big 3, Kobe, and Melo in 2012 as USA tries to get their 2nd gold medal in a row.

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NBA Legend: Scottie Pippen

Everyone is familiar with the Chicago Bulls and it’s two three peats during the 1990’s. Led by Michael Jordan and head coach Phil Jackson, The Bulls won six championships out of a possible ten. Although Jordan was the man, Pippen also made his presence felt. He helped Jordan on every championship run, and was a star in his own right. He a six time champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and a seven time all-star (winning the game’s MVP in 1994). He’s also a great defender, being selected to the NBA All-Defensive first team eight times; holding the NBA all time record for most steals in the playoffs, and is currently sixth on the all-time steals list. Pippen is considered one of the most versatile players of all time. In the 93-94 season, Pippen averaged 22.0 points, 8.7 rebounds, 5.7 assists, and 2.9 steals, easily his greatest stat sheet of his career.  In 1998, after just nine years in the NBA, Pippen was named one of the 50 greatest NBA players of all time. Pippen has received almost every accolade a basketball player can ask for, and he’s earned every single one.

Summer School

A bunch of things has gone down in the past week and a half so allow me to break it all down and give out grades

Celtics: (C)
Key Addition: Jermaine O’Neal
Key Departure: Rasheed Wallace

If the Celtics scored just five more points, Boston would be the champions, and
Phil Jackson possibly wouldve retired. Rasheed Wallace is expected to retire and
there’s a possibility Shaquille O’Neal will be a Celtic next year. This may be a
long shot. We all know Shaq is hungry for that fifth ring after Kobe’s remark
after winning the championship in June. So will he come to Boston and help them
over the hump or will he go south? Hmmm.
Expectations: Celtics finish their last run for a ring by getting knocked out in
the second round of the playoffs.

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Miami Vice

So the decision has been made: Lebron James is officially out of Cleveland and a Miami Heat. Now before all of ya speak your peace, let me say why I think this plan was in effect for the past few years. LeBron has been in the league for going on eight years. He’s managed to obtain every accolade under the sun…besides the NBA championship.

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Enough LeBron

Out of all the free agents who were due to sign a new contract this summer, only one managed to get an hour special just to announce his decision. Let’s face it; LeBron is what most may call a “diva”. He walks around the area as is he owns the building, he laughs in people face when winning and gives the cold shoulder when losing. When he came into the league in 2003, he knew this would be his League one day. He is the top three players in the league, if not the best, but a lot of people are still waiting for that championship ring. He has yet to deliver, and obviously he’s feeling bad about it. This is the whole reason why he’s making this whole free agency thing one big soap opera. This is his way of saying “it’s not my fault. I did what I had to do. Now wait until I make my decision”. Lebron has always wanted to be in the spotlight, ever since he was 17. But this is going a little too far. Using up prime time to make one BULLshit decision is a waste. There were players greater than you are that made this decision quicker, and smarter than your doing it now. So next time around, do us a favor and just sign your damn contract and keep it moving.