Jay-Z & KanYe West – Watch The Throne (Album Review)

Kings of Hip Hop?…

It’s finally here, the long-awaited must hear album the year. The two biggest names in hip hop collide to make a legendary collaboration album. One is Kanye to the a.k.a Mr.West, the 2010 comeback of the year and high off the Classic and PMB’s Album of The Year, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’  The other is Jay-z, and he has been going strong since ‘Reasonable Doubt’ to now, which he has been hopping on others records and stealing the show from likes of M.I.A, Drake & even Mr.West himself. KanYe Is the most consistent rapper in hip hop history and Jay-Z is a guy  that dosen’t get out shined on tracks often, so the pressures is on and nothing is acceptable but a classic.  Can they keep their rightful spots at the throne, or is it time to step down?

I actually have mixed feelings about it going in. I heard ‘H.A.M’ and didn’t like it and then heard “Otis” and love it, so they can go either way with this album. The album starts off with “No Church In The Wild”  which is maybe the best start to album this year and I can hear the Illuminati conspiracy theorist ready to go in. A very artistic song but the Auto tune? Jay, C’mon Son! Otherwise Jay bodies the tracks with his best line from the album possibly”Tears on the mausoleum floor/blood stains the coliseum doors / lies on the lips of the priests/Thanksgiving disguised as a feast,” expression of doubt in religion itself, even explaining that church is man created and the wild is a dark and twisted place and is a sin still a sin living in the wild but I don’t want to get in too deep but it’s a great record. The next  track  is underwhelming which is “Lift Off” with Beyonce which lacks any emotion or passion, even then verses were short. They should have gave that to Bey for her album. “Niggas In Paris” is cool, the production the illest I’ve heard in a while, a fun record and play off their lifestyle but don’t know the connection to Paris though and the songs even implies the shit doesn’t have one, just randomness. “Otis” is crazy, Kanye took over that track and possible some subliminal shots at Consequence. Favorite line is “I made “Jesus Walks” I’m never going to hell/ Couture level flow, it’s never going on sale /Luxury rap, the Hermes of verses /Sophisticated ignorance, write my curses in cursive” One of the best on the album. ‘Gotta Have It’ another great production but the two go soft, verse lacks creativity and seem water down and redundant.

My favorite track is ‘New Day’ they giving more than just their lavish lifestyle, which is what I been waiting on since the start of the album. It’s basically a letter to their unborn, Yeezy expressing he want his son to be a better person than he is and Jay just want to be around because his dad wasn’t around for him. Only problem I have is the production overshadows the verses to the point I could hardly hear them. “That’s My Bitch” WACK! “Welcome To The Jungle” is good but the verses could of have had more emotion, I like the message and what their saying, but I don’t feel it, also the hook  with Swizz Beatz could have been left off the track. “Murder to Excellent,””Why I Love You,”and “Made In America” are the crazies tracks on the album and kept me from leaving hearing this album bitter. This is what the album should have had more of, legit concept of a song as well as Jay and Ye playing off each other with their strengths. Most of the album they’re “Swagging” out which I get, they’re expressing that their royalty(hints Watch The Throne) but they lose their identity in it and blend together and no one really stands out, so their strengths aren’t really showcased. Jay is carrying the album for the most part which seems fair since Kanye is on the production side of things. When they work to each others strengths on the album it’s amazing, but when they sound the same, meaning if you their switch verses and you can’t tell those are Jay-Z bars Kanye is rapping, meaning they’re not complementing each other and could have just done the song solo, but then what’s the purpose of the album then?

Overall, the album does not live up to that hype which is very disappointing, this is Jay and Kanye we’re talking about, two of the biggest names in hip hop, great lyrical specimen, Kanye is more artistic with controversial lines while Jay is trendsetting and street savvy, they didn’t put those talents to use as much as they should on this album, they just give you flash or “BLING BLING”.  The production is probably the best thing off the album. There is no wow factor other than ‘Otis’ and final tracks on the album and alot of verses are pretty forgettable, I can literally express that my favorite verse on BP3 is third verse on “Thank You” and MBDTF being “Gorgeous” second verse. Those are some classic verses, I don’t get that on this album, “Planking on a Million” seriously?  It’s a good album, but good isn’t enough for these two, especially this being a pretty weak year in classic albums out. This is making me not want to see another collab album in the future from any artist, except Child Rebel Solider, they have yet to create a wack record but I digress, Jay didn’t dominate like he’s been doing on other Emcees albums and Kanye kept making weird white people references and contradicts himself from MBDTF. The album is still a good buy, they still give you some good music but this is both of their weakess material.  They might be the kings of hip hop, but leave the collab albums to Method and Redman.

Recommended Tracks: No Church in The Wild, Otis, New Day, Made In America, Murder To Excellent, Why I Loved You


4 thoughts on “Jay-Z & KanYe West – Watch The Throne (Album Review)

  1. I agree 100% every other review saying this the best thing ever, I thought I was was tripping for a min. It’s not bad but it damn sure didn’t live up to the hype.

  2. This album is NOT a classic.. I’ll take 6 tracks from Blueprint 3 and 6 tracks from My Beautiful Twisted Fantasy that will knock this ish out the box! Line for line, track for track. Im a huge fan of both rappers and own the WHOLE catalog for both. 4 standout tracks do not equal CLASSIC MATERIAL. Classic= College Dropout,Blueprint. I DONT wanna hear POPish sounding textures over RAP!! This ish is far from what HIP HOP is SUPPOSED to be—-AUTHENTIC!!! What happened to y’all? Wheres the edginess? 2pac and BIG embodied HIP HOP correct? Could you hear them rapping on any of these with the exception of Murder to Excellence?
    Its well produced sonically, but at the end of the day I expect more from my 2 favorite rappers. And the public? Like 9th Wonder said–Im a leader, Ya’ll just followers.. Watch the Throne= TOO MANY YES MEN..

    One LOve…

  3. Could have been better, the album left me with no great line or even song, their verses sound thrown together on songs shit made no sense, was like a Wanye album. Lupe hates Lasers and his weakess shit but that shit still better then this shit, he actually experimental with sounds and shit WTT was just randomness.

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