Ace Hood-Blood Sweat & Tears (Album Review)

Hustler Ambitions……

One of Dj Khaled featured artist, Ace Hood from We The Best Music Group and he is one of those quiet guys that been around for some time, this is set to be his third release and hasn’t had much of a buzz as an Artist until this album, beside “Ride” with Trey Songz. Since then, Ace been bringing out banger after banger as singles on the album. First was “Hustle Hard” then the remix of that and now “Go and Get It” getting heavy rotation on the airways. He now finally has hip hop’s attention, now it’s time to see what is he going to do with it.

Ace takes the typical banger productions and crafts it into a street classic as well as some stand outters. “King Of The Streets”  starts the album up on high pace as Ace expresses aggressively why he is so. He’s giving great charisma and lyricism on that record a great start to an album, though I don’t car for T-Pain on the hook, Auto-tune is really played out, but didn’t take away from Ace Hood. One of the few rappers that use club bangers to inspire you to go out and hustle literally, like forget dancing, I need to go out and hustle NOW! “Go and Get It” and “Hustle Hard” are examples of that.  Too add, it’s also great for being in the gym as well.

He also tries to duplicate or top his “Ride” with “Beautiful Girl” as well as “Body 2 Body” with Chris Brown, but it really doesn’t mesh as well as it could. That track should have had a slower production, a more of a grinding type feel would have set that record off right. A personal favorite track on the album is “Memory Lane” with Kevin Cossum, the production is one of the album’s best with inspiration verses and a overall powerful record, Ace’s flow and delivery is so strong and hits you to the point that you feel it how he does and that track I felt everything he said, the hook is mediocre to add, the hooks in general are probably the weakness thing on the album, they don’t stand out or even seem important in a sense and I appreciate the album more because of it, ironically. Ace verses are the strength of the album and his flow. Hearing him makes the album work, I don’t think many other rappers could have a redundant production with weak hooks and still give you so much on a track. “Letter To My Exs” is a smash record and another example of making you relate just by how he delivers it, showing how he tries to wife a video hoe, but we all know you can’t turn a hoe into wifey material.

Overall, this is a good album and Ace Hood is a great rapper. An album where you know the Emcee puts his heart into it and on it. He gives alot of emotion in his verses with passion and hunger and it contagious to the listener and in todays hip hop that’s pretty hard to do, especially being a street rapper. When he says bloods, sweat and tears, homie is not lying because he did and you’ll feel it. The cons of this album is the hooks, features (beside Ross)  and productions. Ace Hood verses are the strength of the album along with his charisma. If he had a better production and hooks this could have been a straight classic, but still a very good album and a great purchase for fans of the genre. This that soulful music coming from the streets, if this doesn’t inpired you to hustle, then nothing will.

Recommend Tracks: Hustle Hard, Go and Get It, Letter To My Exs, Spoke To Momma, Memory Lane, King Of The Streets


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