Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame – Ferrari Boyz (Album Review)

The Ice Cream Man and The Autistic Rapper….

The most anticipated rap album of all time! Okay  not really, but I really don’t know how to start off this review. These two considered two of some the worst rappers out today, to make things worst, one got a Mcflurry on his face and can’t stay out of jail and the other is on the verge of being legally retarded.  So I’m not really expecting much from this album with two low-level rappers with some bass driven productions to make up for their tired ass rhymes, but could they shut up the doubters like myself, could they finally step up to the plate and give us some lyrical content, could I possibly be proven wrong?

The answer is no, they left nothing to the imagination and gave me everything I expected from the duo. I don’t get how Gucci Mane can disrespect women on a track, because homie ugly as shit, but I digress, I don’t know who was worser on the album Flocka or Gucci. There is point when Flocka even insinuates paying for prostitution on “Feed Me” really dude, really? Their rap flows are weak and as well as their forgettable rhymes, the shit is just hard to sit and listen to. I know people like to say this is music is for the streets, well if that’s the case, this just proves how dumb and ignorant the streets truly are and fans of this music need to reevaluate thier lives.

The production is so recycled from the typical street albums and anthems, that it’s watered down, redundant and kinda annoying. It has comes to a point in hip hop to when you hear one “club banger” then you heard them all. Then they have a song called “Young Niggaz” where they state “My pants sang low like a young nigga.” no comment, all I’m saying is, don’t get mad if V Nasty or any other white person singing this song, because we as a whole brought this on ourselves. I take it back, I have to comment on this trash, on my young nigga shit, really, really? I guess it’s not for me since I’m on my grown man shit, epic fail of a song. How ignorant does a rapper have to be until you realizes, this is shit, you’re shit and I waste my money on bullshit.

Overall, this album is a classic, and Waka Flocka gives some of the best verses of hip hop in years and Gucci is SIKE!!! Shit is trash, ignorant, degrading to our genre, weak on all aspects of music and gives you nothing original or new. Rap is a form of poetry and is art, creative and captivating. This album gives you nothing, there are alot more albums out now to get, Talib’s “Gutter Rainbows” is dope, Killer Mike “Pledge 3” is a street album with credibility, there even is unsigned Emcees that are far greater and you can get their music for free. People outside of hip hop stereotype us to these guy and I feel we are wrongly so. If I had a kid listening to this shit, I would beat his ass.  What happen to rappers that actually rap, these dudes are showmen of ignorance. Hopefully this style of music dies because it’s only killing our youths, influencing stupidity and give people the ideal that anyone can rap.



11 thoughts on “Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame – Ferrari Boyz (Album Review)

  1. this review is retarded. its one sided, show love don’t throw salt. Damn. Most people with good lyrics have small followings. Gucci and Waka release the hottest mixtapes, go see the scores of the mixtapes on livemixtapes. numbers dont lie.

    1. lol This album is one sided and to say they released the hottest mixtapes is hysterical. We’re not live mixtapes, so that’s irrelevant. I have no problem showing love but I refuse to justify bullshit.

  2. Why do people alway knock someone elses hustle, you sound like a hater and not every rapper has to deep and serious, can we have fun without being judge all the time damn.

    1. Well, for one this is a review, and a review is to give opinion on something or as you say, judge it. Also, you say can we have fun without being judge, how about can we have fun without using drug references or degrading ourselves?

  3. F*ckers not from the streets should not review street music. If you don’t like the genre why would you review it? Trust me DON’T listen to this guy, this album goes H.A.M.F ! Sounds great in the truck. When you buy a Gucci CD you should not be surprised when you get a Gucci CD! This ignorant mofo didn’t even say that they gave this away for free online. Thanks Gucci – Burrrr!

    1. If it makes anyone happy, I thought the cd was alright. I mean it’s south music, it has a southern feel. Waka isn’t the best lyricist, but I find Gucci Mane’s metaphors better and non-repetitive than wayne.

  4. Ya’ll niggas crazy, the reviewer actually defends his views on the album and none of ya’ll have yet to plead why this isn’t trash or deny this shit is ignorant or at least have it’s purpose. Niggas gets mad anytime they got to take time out to think for a change.

  5. The two will be irrelevant as Lil Jon soon because they really do suck they just have a catchy sound that attracts the clubs rappers who stay in the club don’t last and Killer Mike Pledge 3 is dope!

  6. i agree with you 100% its like watching my dad try n rap these 2 are the worst rappers in history …thats including me in the shower!!

  7. why would u review an album on rappers you dont even likfe to begin with.. your a fuckin worthless piece of shit n cant understand living ignorant n not givin a fuck.. so fuck you go listen to drake or tyga’s album.. faggot

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