50 Cent frustrated with Interscope, plans to leak own material

Lupe isn’t the only person being held back by his label, Mr.Jackson frustration with Interscope Records reached it’s boiling point this week.

In a series of tweets, 50 Cent stated that he would not be releasing his highly anticipated album this year, which would be his third album being push back till further notice. He also said he would be leaking more music soon to please his fans.

50 also said recently, that he put in much effort on this new album than on his previous four in an attempt to top  his debut ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin.’ Some who have heard it, clams it’s his best t. So it’s puzzling why it’s sitting on the shelf but label heads really don’t know what their doing nowadays, Columbia just gave Kreayshawn a mil deal. Shouts out to Kreayshawn, I’m a fan but, I would not risk a mil on you, just keeping it one hundred. Hopefully, 50 give us another classic mixtape due to this unfortunate delay.

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