The Cool Kids – When Fish Ride Bicycles (Album Review)

                                                 Originators Of What’s Cool…..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I have to give this duo credit for being original from day one.  They were rocking snap backs, flannels, skinny jeans, and bright colors, while everyone else was rocking baggy jeans and tall tees. Now everyone jocking their stee-lo, what’s worst than that is, followers that just jocks and give no credit to the originators *coughs New Boyz *coughs Tyga and alot more, but enough about that, this is the longest push of a album since Detox, well actually we’re still waiting on Detox (let’s see how that goes) while this album is finally seeing the light of day. When I heard it was coming out I said, “Yeah right, when fish really ride bicycles” and sure enough the cover says it all. So is the album worth the long wait and can The Cool Kids come in take back the movement that’s rightfully theirs?

Mikey and Chuck still seem to standout even with their style and gears being water down and overexposed by the mainstream media. They don’t just look like they came out of a time machine from the 80’s, they even sounds it.  “Booming” and “Sour Apples” are just a few of the groovy (Yeah, I said groovy)tracks with such a freshness from the norm of todays music, they’re oldskool party records and gives off a positive feel.”Penny Hardaway” Featuring GhostFace Killah is a ill record and their not talking about much but how fresh they are, but they do it so creatively and in a way it’s not seen from other tracks talking about “swag” makes it that even fresher than any other track with similar subject matter.  The hottest track on the album is easily “Gas Station” with Bun B, from the funky production to Mike, Chuck, and Buns verses.

The album is everywhere when it comes to the productions which is the strength of the album, no song sounds similar on the album but the album does lack a certain depth and substance, but I think it would have hurt the sound and the overall concept of the album, which is a fun summer party album. As you can see from the cover, their not taken themselves too seriously and I can appreciate Emcees having fun on a record just dropping party rhymes and without any negativity to add is a major plus.  Their lyrical game is on point to where if you going rap about how dope you are, this is ‘exhibit a’ on how to make it appealing and not seem unoriginal and have the listener thinking they heard this before.

Overall, this is a hot record.  Possibly this era Kid N Play, cause all I get is a House Party vibe listing to this album or wanting to throw one. A fun record that’s actually fun to listen to while not insulting the listeners intelligence with bum ass rhymes with a lack of creativity. Cool Kids fans, this is a must buy, they don’t disappoint, they give you everything you expect, not too hot, not too cool, just right. To anyone who wants a fun  quality hip hop album for a party or just wants so funky fresh sounds, this is the perfect purchase. I can honestly say I hate party albums and club records that are common in today’s era but this is the perfect blueprint in creating a album of those sorts and such a breath of fresh air.

Recommended Tracks: Gas Station, Swimsuits, Get Right, Penny Hardaway, Booming, Sour Apples 

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