Hip Hop Prospect: 100 Grand

IT’s BACK! After a long three month hiatus and ppl constantly asking me about it,  sending us new and fresh music, we’re officially back with PMB’s Hip Hop Prospects and not to disappoint. We’re headed back to the big apple for our return and this months features artist. This outspoken Emcee is ready to put it all out on the table and doesn’t care who he offends, as long as his gets his point across and expresses himself to possibly influence someone in the same situations to step up as a  man and to always keep it one hundred. 

We give you Queens 100 Grand, who got his name from being honest and always upfront with his family and friends. They always said that he keep it ‘100’  and the G.R.A.N.D stands for greatest rapper alive never dies. This New York Native stays true to his name and keeps it one hundred on every track I heard such as his track “Peer Pressure” as he jungles fitting in without losing respect for ones self at the same time, as well as his track “Fucking Hate You” Grand expresses the troubles many men face in bad relationships and getting hurt in the process. How we all at times become suckas for love. Grand  is a real rapper and by that, I mean he’s giving you real scenarios and not giving just the glamour or self righteous stunting on a track, he gives you the dark and twisted things that rely in a mans head. His subject matters make you reflect on yourself, whether he’s showing how shallow you are or to inspire you to get out of a situation that make you that more appreciative on his music and have a personal connection. I asked 100 Grand what got him to pick up the mic and he replied;

“I started rhyming because my cousin was actually into it real heavy and, it made me want to give it a try and i found out i was actually good at it so i decided to write everyday.”

Grand also release and smash mixtape this year in “QB2-Beyond Reasonable Doubt” which you can download here such a humbling record and Grand storytelling just keeps you engaged into his tails of the streets of Queens and his relationships troubles. I can literally talk about his mixtape and go in depth track for track but I’ll be here all day if I do. Grand mixtapes is a prime example of why I do this, to showcase great emcee’s that get overlooked because of the Kreayshawns and Wacka Flocka’s of the game. If you want that good music, you gotta support it and demand it and we’re doing our part but I digress. Speaking of which, I asked Grand on his feelings of todays hip hop and his response;

“I think HIP HOP is beginning to come back especially after that section 80 album by kendrick lamar thats the type of music we need… There is to much of the same thing being said over the same ass beats which make the game boring and dull…”

Grand along with others bringing in that wave of just good music without all the gimmicks and punchlines and giving us originality and compelling stories and visuals for the brain. I get that mid 90’s feels from Grand music and I hope nothing but the best in his future which isn’t needed, because he going to blow eventually, can’t hold good music down for too long. For all your news for 100 Grand and new music head to thisis100grand.com for more info and we’ll inform you on new music and updates on Grand as well. I now leave you with 100 Grand’s dark perspective looking as a child on his parents dysfunctional relationship entitled “Mommy Daddy” See you next time with a new artist and if you want to be featured, send your music to theprolificmovement@yahoo.com.

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