Cheating For Dummies: Simple Tips To Master Your Craft At Deceit

Some individuals roam through life with an idea that not every relationship is built to last but you have to enjoy it until the end. Then there are those who can’t get enough of women, yet cant cope with living a single lifestyle. These individuals are the real risk takers in life. Jeopardizing relationships and marriages with potential soul mates for a fling that doesn’t have the support to last a week, I salute them, for the simple fact that relationships are like cop chases in grand theft auto; you can run from your problems and fears for as long as possible but, its guaranteed eventually you will be caught with no one else to blame. 

Cheaters usually cheat at the hint of any informality in their relationship before finding out whats really going on. I’ll leave that up to Dr.Phil to give you an analogy on why something like this happens but as for now we’re focusing on something different. I used to be a big time cheater years ago and something deep down told me if I wanted to be someone in life, I needed to get rid of all negative occurrences, and I did just that. However, I still remember how I tricked women from time to time like the back of my hand. Wrong? Yes. But I am no saint, nor am I self-proclaimed to be. Here are some quick yet necessary rules we as guys must run by in efforts to dodge bullets, chairs, or stab wounds.

Remain Incognito: No one likes a tattle teller but, women like men who spill every single detail about a situation. Now what women don’t like is someone who plays possum, and if you’re going to cheat, subsequently it’s in your best interest to shut the fuck up and do just that. Every situation doesn’t call for explanation. If you want to establish yourself as someone who can be trusted (and you should as a successful cheater) then explaining is something one should refrain from because women see through bullshit, and bullshit is nothing but a mere sway of the hand or extra blink of an eye.

Become A Full-Time Lover: Another way to shed light on a dark situation is to be there 24/7. When your woman wants to see you, give her what she wants, after all you’re cheating anyway and the task is to not get caught. It doesn’t take hours to cheat, so being there for your opposite isn’t hard. Your focus at one point should be on trying to spend as much time as you can with your woman until she cannot tolerate to envision your face for a couple of days (It may take some time but trust me, women want space). And soon as you get a little leg room, opportunity is sure to strike. Just make sure it’s an opportunity that’s worth the deceit, instead of a potential stalker bitch after she receives the pipe. So I advise most to keep things one-hundred, letting the side chick know it’s just a one time thing, she goes her way after, and you’ll go yours. Don’t forget: Always wear a rubber!

Remember The Little Things: Usher telling us that we forget the simple things in life was no big cloud of midst. So it is high priority that you follow procedure in staying on point with the little things. Yes, women want to be pampered from time to time with day long outings on your expenses, followed by gifts but, looking your woman in the eye giving her the utmost attention during a romantic conversation will always be more important than any gift you can provide in the long run. When you’re around wifey never put the phone on vibrate or face down, that’s a common mistake most guys make that are just asking to be accused. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and hold a quick conversation then end it by saying “I’m with my girl, I’ll speak to you later.” Be sure to smile, open doors for her, create conversation when other women are in the proximity (makes her feel as if she’s the center of attention), hold hands, compliment her on her hair (even if you don’t like it), and be vocal if you don’t like her outfit because it shows that you care how she carries herself as a woman.

If all instructions are followed correctly, it’s almost 90% certain that you’ll be able to live a double life. But remember, just as no child asks to be born, no woman asks to be cheated on and lied to. I only condone cheating if the woman ignites the fire first and you’re too dumb enough to get over her. Then again, sometimes it takes doing damage to realize how important what you have is. But that’s life, we were placed here to make mistakes and learn how to better ourselves as people. Now if getting over on women is what you do to better yourself, then by all means continue on, but when it comes back to bite you in the ass please be prepared.


2 thoughts on “Cheating For Dummies: Simple Tips To Master Your Craft At Deceit

  1. What about trying to become a clean man? Any tips on proper etiquette of dumbing a side chick without getting exposed?

    1. Well it’s pretty self explanatory, don’t text them your address, block their number through your cellular provider if you’re trying to cut em off, or just make time for other things. You shouldn’t have to explain yourself to a side chick, she should already know her position on both ends.

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