Five reasons why a lockout is not good for the NBA.

Just when you thought Tracy McGrady’s back injury was perhaps one of the worse mishaps to occur in NBA history, things have finally exceeded a breaking point. As told by my boy KD here that we indeed will have an NBA lockout, a lockout that I’m sure would have a bigger impact than the current NFL lockout. But first, here are five major reasons why a condom should not be placed on the National Basketball Association

No one wants to hear the phrase lockout, no matter what the profession or instance it’s used in. However, here are five very important reasons why the NBA lockout is no good:

Reason #1 – Heros

In 2010 the NBA lacked heros. Heros with class, a sense of urgency during clutch time, and enough trust within each other whereas even the 12th man would be depended on from time to time. The Dallas Mavericks were those heros. America needed individuals like Dirk, Jason, and Tyson to lead the way, especially with all of the hype surrounding the Dallas Mavericks and the expected to three peat NBA Lakers. Someone needs to save the day, and every kid likes a comic book ending that includes the biggest villain being defeated on their home turf.

Reason #2 – Bandwagoners


Without hype men A.K.A  bandwagoners, the NBA will lose its steez. Alongside advertisement, bandwagoners are one of the biggest reasons the NBA profits as much as it does. Who else will hype up the team with the deepest roster in the NBA? Hell, even retired NBA players are bandwagoners(i.e Scottie Pippen). In the end the prize for the NBA is way bigger than imagined, bandwagoners lead to hate, hate leads to influx in sales, and sales leads to increase in dynasty value. What would the Chicago Bulls be without the commercials, hype surrounding MJ, or praise of Phil Jackson? Exactly.

Reason #3 – Rookie & Sophomore development

Without an NBA season in play, players no longer have 24/7 access to trainers, coaches, or organized play. This is a sure problem for the team in hopes to develop that JJ Harden or JJ Barea type of guy. Sure rookies and sophs are still in contact with fellow teammates but, who better to teach a young buck right from wrong than a zen master who’s been doing it for a whole career? With a lockout in tact, I’m almost certain that players will not follow scheduled development.

Reason #4 – Global Revenue

With an NBA lockout we are bound to see more NBA players jump on the “Starbury” movement. Nonetheless, place themselves at high level of risk of injury. How ridiculous would it be to witness ESPN reporting that Kobe has torn his ACL in an exhibition game in China, and subsequently find out that the owners and players have finally came to an agreement to split revenue? I’ll give it a few months, but you can’t keep a man who’s been playing basketball his whole life from doing so.

Reason #5 – The Real Them

We spend days and nights at a time debating our favorite NBA players, “Your favorite NBA player can’t do this or that”. Without an NBA season, us fans won’t be able to hear these scandalous stories that truly help us relate to the lives of these NBA players. When we found out Ron Artest would drink liquor during halftime it made us rejoice more than lash out, because he’s one of us. When we found out Kobe and Shaq cheated numerous times, it made men feel better all across the globe that do the same thing 24/7. We the fans love dirty stories, scandal, and everything in between. Sure, we like seeing our NBA counterparts play a global citizen role, but deep down inside this isn’t who they are. And a lockout will keep us away from stories like this. Everyone is trying to watch what they say so media won’t misinterpret something so small, turning it into something bigger than what it needs be. But then again, the media would turn anything into a story so go figure.

No matter how much we praise, weep, or hope for an NBA season, it just won’t happen. These are five reasons why our lives will suck due to an NBA lockout. We lose and the NBA players lose. Though, we loyal fans shall remain hopeful. Hopeful that the Miami Heat won’t win another championship, and the best thing about all of this lockout drama is that no one has dared point the finger at the president, since he focuses on sports and foreign affairs more than issues going on in his own backyard. Happy fourth of July everyone.

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