Lil B ‘The Based God’-I’m Gay (Album Review)

      No Homo?……………

The most hated man in the Rap industry right now (outside Jimmy Henchmen) just released the most controversial record to date since Nas ‘Untitled’ album. The mixed expectations of Lil B is overwhelmed, either you want him to fail or succeed, not much shades of grey for Lil B, but I’m pretty sure everyone is tuned in to hear the release of “I’m Gay” but is it good intentions or do it just spread negativity from a culture that’s extremely homophobic and anyone that says anything with “homo” similarities, they have a problem with . The main verdict is does this album have a legit purpose or just for shock value?

Lil B gets straight to the point of the purpose of this album as he goes in on “Trapped in Prison” which Lil B use his spoken word type flow on how we, as people, are stuck in the slavery mentality and he is rebelling agianst or becoming mentally free from what’s considered the status quo and that fact we complain about superficial things, while third world countries worry about real things like, I don know, um survival. He goes in from start to finish on that record, that track alone should break the assumptions that anyone has about Lil B and this album and make you look at yourself. I find it odd that Lil B gravitates so much negativity but has such a positive message in his music it’s astonishing. “Game” is a beware record where Lil B basically explain to you how the street game is and warning you the troubles the game holds if you take that rout in life to watch your back and don’t trust the game. “Unchain Me” is for the haters who try to hold him down. He style of music is so free and unorthodox and people still try to to put him into a box, but he just doesn’t fit.

This best thing about Lil B is that he’s himself, as much hate he receive he’s never tries to change or be accepted, if anything, he wants to grab your attention with his creativity and give you and ideal about him, until you hear his music and change that preconception.” The Wilderness” is the climax of the album and gives you the overall concept of the album and saying he’s gay. The main purpose to say I’m gay than just saying happy, to flip something that is considered negative or a sin and use (the original term) to describe him, people not knowing him hear that title and say “this ni**a gay” but listening to the album you realize that he’s in a happy state of mind and is free from the slavery mentality. While you’re judging him before you even take the time to listen such as he says on “I Hate Myself” and trying to fit in with the trends and whats considered cool, Lil B is just being him and I love this album because of that message, he’s gay, while most of us are afraid to be, meaning ourselves.

They craziest thing is, Lil B is a mediocre rapper at best but his substance, creativity and uniqueness is why he’s capable  of creating such a powerful record like he does. I’m literally in aw and I hated Lil B guts just a few months ago(Check Wack Rappers List) but he turned me into a believer and a supporter. I think hardcore hip hop fans, mainly the hipster out there are quick to downplay a guys credibility based on his appearance or this case his own style he created and catchphrases which can seem like a gimmick but none of those gimmicks are featured on this album, which is the ‘Pretty Bitch Movement’ which too add, I never hear Lil B utter the words of Pretty Bitch on this album or any of that based style shit, which I’m not a fan of, this is more of a soulful spoken reason album like Digible Planet’s “Reaching” album and that’s saying a lot. I can say Lil B got his message across successfully and dropped a album so poetic and soulful, that is possibly one of the best I heard this year.

Overall, I’m seriously trying my best to keep from saying this is a classic but I honestly can’t. I’m listening to it and  I can’t say anything negative about it, the spoken rhymes, great productions and a incredible overall message; easily the most organic album to date. I recommend any rap fan to listen to this album and question his motives of the name title. The worst anyone can say is that his flow is weak but on count of the mainstream lot of rappers with great flows and no substance or any message in their music, I can let that slide. This is the sleeper album of the year and I can’t deny this albums credibility and give kudos to Lil B, this what hip hop is all about.

Recommended Tracks: The Whole Album

4 thoughts on “Lil B ‘The Based God’-I’m Gay (Album Review)

  1. Wow, Im touched by your wonderful writing on this article. Its 7 in the morning and I have been bumping this album since 5am non stop, immersing myself into its beauty. I am trying hard not to od because I want to savor this feeling.

    I concur with most of your points and Im going to step further and urge you to be brave and declare this album a classic.

  2. This is exactly what I thought of this album, I downloaded it because the name and message of the album, coupled with his strange persona, intrigued me very much. I started listening to this album and while I do agree the flow is weak, I think that is a positive, it’s like he’s just telling the world who he truly is and why the things he think matter. But the best thing about this album truly is the production, it is perfect the soul samples seem to background music to his feelings or maybe even the music he hears in his head, the beats seem to surround me and wrap me in his feelings and words.

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