Big Sean-Finally Famous (Album Review)

                                                 This some G.O.O.D music…..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Big Sean is one of the many talents of KanYe West’s G.O.O.D music team from west side of Detroit and been one of the anticipated debuts of a artist( still waiting of Jay Elect and Cole). Kid Cudi was a hit, CyHi The Prince “Royal Flush 2” recently released and is a smash, former G.O.O.D music artist Consequence was a underground favorite and now it’s Big Sean turn at bat; So does he have a hit or strikes out and head to the bleachers?                                                                                                                                                                  

B.I.G finally steps into the mainstream and I think he excelled past the expectation of his debut. He brings back the importance of lyricism to the new school or hip hop.  The first official track “I Do It” showcase one of the hottest flow out now and witty lines such “I’m Quagmire/ I f*ck h@s/My cash flow/I gigity get it!.” But, it’s the track  “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” that get you addicted to Finally Famous, I love that how he shows that he’s a sucker for beauty(not love) were most artist usually use love as an excuse, but Sean never sheds from being honest and even shallow to an extent that he may be whipped and if she tells him she love him, he’s really going to be stuck up her ass , a very wicked track. The next track “Don’t Wait For Me” Featuring Lupe Fiasco, where he wrecks it, he took it back to “Food and Liquor” with lines such as,”Moving weight? That’s such a trap/ move and wait, you can do that/I know I’m dope man/ but I can’t move crack,”  Lupe just shines on that record and took it from Sean. The song is kinda Sean’s way of saying he’ll sacrifice  his relationships and whatever else he has to to make in this industry.

One thing I love about this album, is that his party records are fun and still have some complexity to them such as “Dance” and “Marvin & Chardonnay” which Kanye West, another Chit-town native stealing the show with his memorable lines, “Why I sag?/cuz I’m rapping my ass off/flow so ugly/money so handsome/This the fucking anthem/ Get it? The Fucking anthem.” The last tracks of the album get a little lost due to the strenght of the beginning and middle of this album beside “What Comes Around” and “Celebrity.” Big Sean nails the concept of the album, which is finally being famous. From grinding in Detroit to standing next to Kanye. Every time Big Sean throws out a cocky line, he follows up with a humbler or modest one in way to say I’m not too ahead of myself and is living the moment to the fullest and not forgetting where he came from and cherish his dream as much as he can cuz anything can happen, nothing is promise, so why no do it big?

Overall, I didn’t have to say much, the album speaks for it self for the most part. Big Sean comes in with the strongest debut since Big Krit and Wale. This may be the rap album of the summer with a great supporting cast, a balance of variety in his subject matter while delivery of a charismatic flow, “Finally Famous” will keep you listening from start to finish.  

Recommended Tracks: I Do It, Don’t Wait For Me, Celebrity, What Comes Around, Don’t Tell Me You Love me, Get It

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