What’s Wrong With Being Pippen?

The criticism of Lebron James since The Finals has been overexposed and exaggerated. No player in the sports world has been under this much scrutiny as Lebron has this past season, dude couldn’t dig in his nose without it being on ESPN’s 1st and 10 and Skip Bayless going at his neck. I find it hard to believe that just around this time a year ago everyone was under this guys balls and one decision changes their perspective on him. I’m a loyal Piston’s fan, so that should let you know my feelings on Lebron, but the media and even players take any chance or opportunity to throw a jab at Lebron. They even took it to the point to insult a legend in Scottie Pippen, using his name negatively saying Lebron will never be Jordan, he’s is just a “Pippen”. I find that funny because, I want to know since when is that an insult?

A “Kwame Brown” is an insult,  a “Saw Bowie” is an insult, but a “Pippen?” That’s hysterical. You know how many teams would love a player of Pippen’s talents right now? Derrick Rose would love a Pippen on his team now, Kevin Durant as well with a Point Guard that will pass. I think people forget Pippen and Jordan couldn’t have done it without one another. You get rid of Pippen from the Bulls and Chicago doesn’t win 70+ games, 2 three-peats and I doubt Jordan even comes out of retirement when he did. Pippen is a 6x champ muti all-stars, all first teams and defensive teams bids, the second in all time leader in scoring, assist and steals in Chicago and is damn hall of famer, I take offense in people trying to make a mockery out of Lebron James at his expense.

Now to the Lebron haters, if you disliked him long before “The Decision” then that’s one thing, but I find it crazy that it took him to switch jerseys for people to realize who he really is. That’s what I hate most, ESPN talking about he turn his back on Cleveland and he tweets this and post game comments about that, but this shit isn’t new, he was doing this in 06. I can recall all his dirty antics, he was rocking a New York Yankee cap at a Cleveland Indian playoff game, Nike/Jordan Crawford dunk-gate, getting Jay-Z to make a diss record to Deshawn Stevenson, calling himself “King” and “Chosen 1,” and naming his fans “Witnesses,” dude even had shoes dedicated to Madison Square Garden. Everyone was still kissing his ass! He was cool way back when but once he signs to a new team (which is his right as a free agent) he’s the most hated player in sports. Vick wouldn’t switch shoes with him. It’s like a light bulb lite up, now they realize how much of a narcissistic he is once he rocked the black and red, but if anything, that shows how fake his fans were.

People were in denial that Lebron wasn’t going achieve to his fullest potential in Cleveland. He was surrounded by bums and players past their prime. People planned out this guys future to shadow Jordan but he’s not Jordan, doesn’t have the skills set to do it. Kobe Bryant couldn’t do it and he has the skill set, so I wasn’t expecting Lebron to do it. Rasheed Wallace, had the tools to be the greatest Power Forward to step on the court, but he just never lived up to his fullest potential. Lebron James can be that guy, so many guys never live to the hype, Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady etc. Going to Miami could be the best and smartest move he ever did.  Being “Pippen” probably is the perfect role for him to excel at, and say he gets 6 rings, then what? “He couldn’t do it without Wade” or “Wade will always have one more ring,”…..SO? I’m pretty sure Kobe wasn’t losing sleep from people saying he couldn’t win without Shaq, cuz you know he was the Pippen of that duo.

Cleveland fans in all seriousness, get it over! Don’t get bitter, just get better. Dan Gilbert is just that crazy girlfriend you break up with and years later, she keeps bringing you up long after you left and can’t keep a steady guy because all she talks about is you. Move on man and act like a professional GM should, show some class, crying over a player still, when you just shopped Mo Williams last year likes he was nothing but Lebron the free agent, the one who betrayed you, yeeeeaaaaah riiiight. Those so called die hard fans are funny though, they’ll hate the same thing they love about you and if Lebron really was a player of Pippen stature, he wouldn’t even have these haters at his head or the need of this type of discussion or this blog even, because he wouldn’t be worth the time and energy. Now that my friend, is what I call IRONY.


One thought on “What’s Wrong With Being Pippen?

  1. They taking hate another level with LeBron. It is funny like you said if he was Pippen no one would care about him going to Miami with Bosh or care if he succeeds or not.

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