Maybach Music Group Presents: Self Made Vol.1(Album Review)

Homemade Bullshit!!!!

The highly anticipated Self Made Vol 1 is finely upon us.  The collaboration studio album from rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group staring around Rozay, Meek Mill, Pill, Teedra Moses, Stalley and whatever them cats from Triple C names is, I just know ones a crackhead, but we all that on the compilation album plus more features from others artist, you only see the three newest members on the cover like they’re the Miami Heat or a big three of some sort, but it’s pretty clear who’s the Batman of this team.

I was anticipating how the newest acquisitions would mesh together with Rick Ross, for the most part each of the new guys held they own on Rick Ross in lyrical capabilities in Ross traditional style productions, hard ass bass and kick drums, but certain artist lost their own uniqueness from this album and even watering down their brand into the typical rapper talking about swag and yes, I’m talking about the Lebron James of this game, Wale who’s took his talents to south beach. He out the bunch is “the lyrical one” but that lyrical side dose not get seen on the album. If you heard “Attention: Deficit” the most underrated album on this generation may I add,  you will feel like he sold out on this album. He’s rapping about money, cars, and hoes which he seemed frowned upon on A.D. Wale out of all these cats is better than this and is better period. He’s falling quick into the Drake territory quickly, once he signed with Wayne his whole style switched up or dumb down to the likeness of Waynes audience and thats what happening with Wale with Ross, it’s hard for me to enjoy an artist when I know their better than just talking about “swag.”

The album overall is really forgettable but to their defense, not may compilations albums are memorable, let’s be real, can you name one? The album has too much going on to sink in the talents on the album. Who did stand out(Outside Rick Ross) is Cyhi The Prince and he’s a featured on one track and not a Maybach artist, he’s G.O.O.D music. Rick Ross plays the Lil Wayne on the album, using himself for hooks and what not and it’s really not he specialty. Pill has a nice appearance with “Don’t Let Me Go” I could get into until the crackhead drops a verse and ruins the song. Then Pill goes as well as Ross to promote ignorance in “Pacman” to make a catchy song and thats cheesy to me. That’s like a comedian using racial and fart jokes in his acts because he’s not creative enough to be innovative, so he uses the easy way to get a cheap laugh. Rick Ross is known for his “I think I’m Big Meech” but like I said in the “Teflon Don” review I don’t really take it literal from him because I don’t believe it, he’s making millions and to promote drugs still and you was a cop c’mon son! Let that drug shit go! Crack is wack and reefer sucks, four albums deep and you still talking coke, you should be off that by now.

Meek Mill is decent on the album as well, he fades to the back with the rest. You would think with Wale and Meek Mill, they was added for diversity to the album and to have a diverse sound to bring in more listeners but they all talking about the same shit and nothing really sticks out nor any artist other than Rick Ross, only because this is his style of music. Speaking of which, Ross tends to try to get his “Kanye” on from time to time and his ego gets ahead of himself like on “Tupac Back” which the intro is Tupac talking about struggling in society and telling America he should should have equal opportunities like anyone else and we should be helping one another like a family. That has nothing to do with the song, hell, Tupac has nothing to do with the song, but like I said before, their using cheap tactics to sell. All you guys are much better than this. The album has some highs but mostly lows and is overly commercial to the point that it seems like no artistic effort was put into this album. You guys forget your artist or  something?

If you want an album for the dope beats to blast in your car then this is the album for you, but if you want some substance and expecting diversity and something fresh and even some hot verses, then this is not for you. This was obviously a cash opportunity more than a showcase of talents. The tracks are repetitive and  they didn’t even put effort in song titles “Fitted Cap” “Ima Boss” “Riding On That Pole,” get the fuck out of here! The albums has all the tools to make a great album but falls very very short.

Recommended Tracks: Rise, 600 Benz, Don’t Let Me Go

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