Mayor Bloomberg defends tobacco companies with passing of NYC smoking ban.

Somewhere behind the corporate offices of big time tobacco companies, presidents, publicists, and all other blokes are rejoicing. A bigger increase in sales couldn’t be more imminent now that council has approved the new law banning pedestrian smoke in public parks, as well as beaches on May 23rd. Let me explain how in a dumbed down version of my theory.

Since the law prohibiting smoke was signed by Mayor Bloomberg, the price of cigarettes by the pack has reportedly gone up to $14, according to New York One. Big loss for tobacco companies? No! Why? Because it has also been reported that cops are actually less likely to enforce this law. A law that would ensure you a fine of $50. And here’s the icing on the cake, the reasoning behind this is due to the fact that park enforcement officers are the only individuals at liberty to issue out the fine. Let’s not leave out the fact that there are only 200 park enforcement officers within the city.

Now while I don’t understand the prohibition of smoke within local parks; you have to consider wildlife preservation, trees, and adults or children diagnosed with asthma since being three feet away from a smoker, is just like being in a room standing side by side with one. As for beaches, I’m all for the ban. Gives us pedestrians less cigarette buds to walk on at coney island or orchard beach(Shit, you might walk on a syringe there but, I digress). But, once again what do you expect to happen once these park officers go home after a long day at work on a public beach? A smoker appears of course, with his/her $14 pack of Newport’s. So while the City wants people to fall for this gimmick ridding us of smokers, you can thank Mayor Bloomberg for defending tobacco companies in such a discreet manner. I mean, he’s going to benefit from the passing of this law instead of us asthmatics anyway.

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