Killer Mike-Pl3dge (Album Review)

Respect His Grind!…

Not many people know who Killer Mike is, but any big Outkast fan knows the 411. He’s been on the grind for nearly a decade and has 4 studio albums prior to this release and had some classics in the collection. One of the better rappers from the south rumored to be signing to T.I’s Grand Hustle with not much exposure as other south artist but one of the better of the bunch with his remix to “Ready Set Go” buzzing with Big Boi boding the track and Mike holding his own near the legend as usual, has the album in great aliment to be a quality record. So will it give use respect for the south or will it fade to the back with the rest of most recent south albums.

Killer Mike albums has the great balance that most hip hop albums tend not to do and that is give the listeners the best of both worlds, from the street savvy metaphors to his political awareness truth. Most rappers use such topics such as the streets as the main theme make them one dimensional and it puts them into a box to the point of if they eventually step out, it’s not appreciated or it’s not go over well with the listener, because they’re use to the artist being one dimensional. The fact that Killer Mike has such a great foundation of lyrical content, it respected and it’s giving his music the commercial appeal thats needed to sell or grab the commercial audience with quality into what he’s spitting on the track. The first track, “So Glorious,”   is like his Rocky Anthem, expressing he’s proud that he’s out of the street hustle and being on the mic but don’t think because he bettered himself, that he won’t smack you in the mouth, he’s just trying to shed that mentality.

Stuff like that is what makes me respect what’s he’s saying and he’s taking in the power of his words and that he puts the grind over everything and I can relate to that and I’m sure most of us can. Killer Mike also tackles poltical issue and not ignorance to what he’s speaking on either, he’s dropping knowledge on tracks like “That’s Life 2,”  “American Dream,” and “Ric Fliar.” He even takes shots at Democrats, Fox News and Obama, I can’t help but to praise it because he’s informing his listeners whats going on in society as well as his views on it. To add, it’s all on a banging ass production. He’s almost a modern day Tupac of a sorts, because the education value or food for thought is kinda subliminal under the flashiness of the record, it has the appeal to the average commercial fan and the substance for the underground fan. He has the balance on the album to never be boring as well as never be dumbed down while repping his hood.

The best part of this album is Mike always keeps it one hundred with the listener, he admits his faults and flaws such as on “God In the Building 2” and “American Dream” but he also has a few tracks where he’s not talking about absolutely nothing such as “Animal” with the terrible Gucci Mane and “Swimming” but as a hip hop fan, I find there is something for everyone on this album, so it has a lot of value to it. “PL3dge” is that great hip hop album for the streets as a Reasonable Doubt or a Ready To Die were, not dumb to the system or cooperate America, unlike some artist,  and Mike is nice on the mic, hasn’t lost a beat and even setting the bar for Rappers who are of his caliber to step their game up, to bring that rawness and realness back to the grimy side of hip hop, that hasn’t been seen since probably ‘The Blueprint’.                                                                                                

Overall, this is the best thing I’ve heard from Atlanta since Big Boi’s album. A must buy for all hip hop fans, because there is something for everyone, even fans of the water down mainstream. This album will remind you why Mike Bigga is rep by Outkast and TI for a reason and just cause your grinding for success, doesn’t mean you have to sell out or promote ignorance in your music just to be relevant. To be from Atlanta alone, just shows that he’s breaking down the stereotype of the southern rap. They say the third times a charm, well then call this album lucky. Bigga gives you the streets of the Atlanta with a vulnerability, that you understand where he’s coming from and appreciate what he’s speak and realize that it’s music like THIS that makes the music for the streets so popular.

Recommended Tracks: Ric Fliar, Ready Set Go Remix, American Dream, That’s Life 2, So Glorious, Everything, God in The Building



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