Common? Really Fox News?

             One thing I hate is someone trying to judge someone off of something you know nothing about. Fox News once again proven again how racist they really are.

Common? Out of all rappers you have the nerve to come at Common, that’s like Kanye West high-jacking Taylor Swift moment on stage, oh wait that didn’t help my case, I digress. All jokes aside, don’t talk what you don’t know, we don’t criticizes no man personally for a reason, and neither should you bum ass Sean Hannity and Common of all rappers. Please, while you trying to judge him over his art form of expression, you should take a look in the mirror realize how much of a bigot you are. Jay-Z been with Obama multiple times with Bey and he’s a accused “Devil Worshiper” but I guess you busy looking at Bey’s ass to even notice that he’s a rapper as well. You lucky Lupe isn’t in the White House or the Mighty Mos Def, they’ll expose all your corrupted asses.

I don’t even have to plead my case of how stupid Fox News is to say Common is “Controversy” any fan of Common knows “I have a Dream’ “The Light” “I use to Love Her and “The People” and know how stupid they sound and just proves their racist and to put two Uncle Tom’s on the panel just for justification. It’s one thing to go at Hip Hop, but positive Hip Hop? Sean Hannity, how about you pick up a Common album and see how much controversy you’ll find on it. Too add it’s a damn poety jam, he’s not running for president but I didn’t see Fox News freaking out about the Terminator winning the election, he’s a damn action hero who pretends to kill people on television, or how about Johnny Cash who met the last republican President talking about shooting up coke and killing women, so I’m really lost. What’s really different from that from what Common does, oh yeah I forgot, his skin color.

They freaking out like he’s lil Wayne and it’s a damn poetry jam, but again the more I say, the more it shows Fox News is racist and just quick to bash Obama and I’m not even a  Obama supporter. Who bring up shit from 2007, it’s 2011! Too add, the end of the poem he states to the audience stop using violent and use all the energy into increasing peace but of course if it ain’t white, it ain’t right! Common rarely swears in his music, pants on his ass, and a respectable and intelligent black man and I shouldn’t have to say that, it’s 2011 it’s redundant. This is why Kanye does and say the shit he does, because people try to knock hip hop and discredit their intelligence, hip hop never won a Grammy for album of the year for a reason. They complain when hip hop ignorant and when hip hop tries to do good, they still bitchin. I find it funny they have nothing to say about hip hop untill it result in bigger exposure for the brand.

This is why I believe that Illuminati in hip hop was created by some damn republicans or some racist ass people. Don’t disrespect  my culture, being ignorant to the hood or whatever, stay in your fucking lane, sit at your panel and talk you biased politics, or at least try.  To end on a positive note, I want to leave you with a song appropriate for this situation from Common’s ‘Finding Forever’ Album. All I want to say from Prolific Movement to Fox News…….FUCK YOU and have a great day! 🙂

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