What happens when tides turn and she’s the one in the wrong?

It’s pretty much set in the female nucleus that men should be the last of people trusted. This theory follows suit throughout fake friendships, relationships, and even marriages, but why?

Ladies, have you ever sat there proceeding to wonder what life would actually be like if you were constantly in the wrong? Just how would you go about apologizing? Truth is, some females bury themselves behind this brick wall of hypocrisy in which personal flaws and mistakes are hard to amount up to. Something which I never understood as I’ve observed over the years.

In all essence, we as men patiently wait for that day, week, month, or year that things just aren’t our fault. See, the secret is to find something worth blaming us for, that can potentially hurt your self-esteem, little do we know this is part of your plan to just be correct in every situation or dispute even when you’re in the wrong.

I myself am in this relationship whereas even I’m surprised at how much I’ve put up with. Love my woman to death but, I’m afraid that I’m being taken for granted because every time I turn around, I’m forgiving her something else. There was this situation in particular where, I asked my woman what would she have done if the shoe was on the other foot and she replied “I would have broken up with you and we wouldn’t be having this conversation now.” My only personal gripe is how women throw us under the bus soon as we make the simplest of mistakes.

Now my issue with this isn’t just with my girlfriend, its with females in general. I’ve dealt with, as well as befriended many wolves in sheep’s clothing who made it their assignments as double agents to seek even the smallest mistake from their make counterpart, to gain even the smallest upper hand a finger-pointing contest. If you have someone that’s willing to meet you halfway, why not feel comfortable enough to admit to your own mistakes? We all die sinners in the end, right?

I guess its true what they say about hidden agendas. But if you go through something with one man why point then finger in efforts to leave, ending up dealing with the same problems with another man down the line? If there’s one thing we as men hate, it’s being disappointed. I know they say better late than never; though, there’s going to be that one individual that eventually gets tired for forgiving. Am I right?


2 thoughts on “What happens when tides turn and she’s the one in the wrong?

  1. In all honesty, guys are more forgiving. I’ve held a grudge for months with former bf’s and most of them just brush shit off for the most part if I’m at fault, so I can admit its a double standard.

  2. The difference is Women over analyze shit, I take a shower in the middle of the day and my chick will be curious to why I do so, I could care less when she take a shower, shit…I may join her but females always gotta be Sherlock Holmes, they don’t trust shit we say and I blame Tyler Perry movies lol we fuck up and we on house arrest, digging all through our shit, if they fuck, 80% of us niggas don’t even remember that shit

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