Hip Hop Prospect: SUBMiT

We are back! Finally hitting you with another installment of PMB’s Hip Hop prospects and we are headed back down south to Marietta, Georgia.  Started out as a Christian rapper, which is how he got his name SUBMiT from the he wants everything to do to be a submission to God, he also explained that he capitalize SUBMiT like that to show that what goes on around him is more important than himself or the “I” get it?

Growing up later on broad out the substance into his music but never forgets his Christian roots of course with his name he’s always reminded. SUBMiT flow is shocking very aggressive and in your face but not a negative bone in his body which you don’t really get nowadays, aggressive rappers tend to be too angry and vulgar to hide the fact that over the rawest of the delivery they really aren’t saying shit. This is not the case for SUBMiT, with a Wale like worldplay and great substance with his beliefs backing his music, it’s hard not to like my man, if you don’t, you’re just a hater, it’s as simple as that. I asked SUBMiT what got him into rapping he replied;

” I’ve always been into poetry. I’ve always been good at writing. There’s never been an English class that I had to try really hard in. Hah!  I really wanted to rap after I heard Common’s “Be” for the first time. My older sister bought it and I listened to it from outside her room. Hah! but I finally got into rapping through a friend who wanted to start a group. After a couple of years, we disbanded and I did my own thing.”

Shout out to Common, after hearing “Adrenaline Awareness” mixatpe, it’s a hot a record, my favorite line is off the “Shades Freestyle” (speaking of Wale) “I don’t mean to be a stereotype, but if I don’t speak for us, I’m scared that the stereo might,” the verse behind that line is incredible. Favorite track is “I’m Coolin” I love tracks that defines the laws of rapping, with the laid back beat and a quick and speedy flow and the wordplay is crazy on that joint, I’m not 100% sure but I didn’t hear a curse word on the tape not even the dreaded N-word, the third rapper we had that doesn’t swear in his verses and I give kudos because most rappers tend to swear just because it help the bars go along and sounds “hip” I guess but without it, Emcees stand out more and your lyrics sound more organic. The tape is very artistic and  so download it here on the site. I then asked SUBMiT about he views on the state of hip hop and where it’s headed and he answered;

Hip hop is in a good place in my opinion. I think that it’s growing from a strictly ‘urban genre’ to an American genre. I think that with that whole ‘Hip Hop is dead’ movement we went through some growing pains. It was hard some to see the genre grow past what it was as far as street credibility and everyone being a “thug”. But now that it’s an American art form, a hard background isn’t necessary. It’s like all the other genres in that as long as you’re good at what you’re doing, you’re accepted, regardless of where you come from.

Clean rapper, religious and doesn’t stuff in down your face, dope rhymes and hot ass mixtape, we got our eye on SUBMiT and hope we be reviewing your debut soon. We will keep you post on any future news on the Georgia rapper and if you want to be featured as the a Hip Hop Prospect, contact us a theprolificmovementblog.yahoo.com but enough of the shamless plug and back to the music, I leave you guys with the smash that is “South Of The Northpole” and his music video “A Million Bucks” feat. K Camp and Ukan and follow him @SUBMiTMusic and stay supporting good music!

SUBMiT-South Of The North Pole

Check out his video

SUBMiT – A Million Bucks ft. K.Camp, Ukan from Abijeet Achar on Vimeo.


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