Lil B to name new album “I’m Gay”

When I first heard this I was looking for my C’mon Son! sign BUT! we don’t necessarily know where he is going to take it. First, if you a homphobe and Lil B hater please read The Gay Rapper and Let That Boy Cook! then come back ,  but to the topic, Lil B has been making and saying  shit the average Black male is afraid to say or do and is doing like it’s nothing.  If he execute what he trying to accomplish, then he can embark on history. He’s basically going to see how “down for him” his fans really are and already exposing how homophobic hip hop is with the backlash he’s been getting since his solo debut.  I’ll hold my full opinion once the album releases but I have to give him credit trying to break down the “slavery mentality”  in the hip hop community and not afraid to go there with his music artistically. Best advice is just do blow, this can kill your career before it even starts.

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