iPhone 5 will not be released in June. So Shut up.

No that isn’t a iPhone 5. But, that is the same back panel I have on my iPhone 4 thanks to some folks within Apple HQ. On the contrary, no one knows what the iPhone 5 is going to look like. Though, I will inform you all on why.

The next generation iPhone is currently being delayed due to the current disaster in Japan. Apple is slated to be placing Sony 8 megapixel camera lenses in the next iPhone installment; the only problem is that Sony’s manufacturing facility is in Japan and has been affected by the tsunami and earthquake.

The device to ever fill 8 mega pixels is the Sony Ericsson Xperia neo. Here are some screenshots from the Xperia here.

The annual WWDC( Apple’s developers conference whereas the next iProduct is introduced) is only being held this year to promote the future of iOS on the iPad, and Macbook series. The conference is currently sold out; unless you have $2,500 to shelve out for a ticket to see Mr. Steve Jobs himself unveil the next wallet raping scheme.

Understandable why some may be upset for the delay in iPhone 5. However, those who are upset obviously don’t have an iPhone 4. Trust me, there’s no rush within the iPhone 4 community. I think it’s a perfect route for Apple with At&t buying out T-Mobile to free up bandwidth in constricted networking towers; providing the best service quality possible. It also gives current network providers time to prepare and test their 4G network in time for the release of the new iPhone.

Imagine an iPhone with the speeds of the HTC Evo on 4G. Sure it’s a battery consumer but, if you have a charger with you it’s like sitting on a jet with no worries in the world.

Not like we care but, theirs also a new Blackberry coming out in December. I’ve been told by two different At&t supervisors that it’s supposed to be a follow-up to the Blackberry Torch which was just released some time ago.


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