Wiz Khalifa-Rolling Papers(Album Review)

Very Light Rotation…..

Most hip hop heads tend to think this is Wiz Khalifa debuts but it’s his third album, which includes the smash single ‘Black and Yellow’, produced by Grammy winning team Stargate who produces more on the album. Since Wiz Khalifa was recently named MTV’s Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010, beating acts such as Nicki Minaj and J Cole, he has been one of the artist to watch this year and with the biggest buzz of newcomers around hip hop since Drake and Wale, the recent hit in “Cabin Fever” mixtape, can he join B.o.B as the Kings of the New School?

Hearing the title “Rolling Papers” alone isn’t a great title to choose from jump, it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination.  You hear rolling paper and think oh it’s a weed album and that can turn some fans off who are not into that per-say but if you’re a fan of Khalifa then chances are you is but I digress, basically what I’m trying to say is this formula for an album is destined for failure. Khalifia  kills the assumptions of the album being just a weed album but his simple rhymes, little substance and annoying melodies will get you tired of this album real quick. Picture “Man of the Moon” and “Thank Me Later” had a baby it would be retarded as fuck and be “Rolling Papers”  The album starts off great with “When I’m Gone” the whole concept of not letting money and fame define who you are is a great introduction to the album but once that tempo is set in the album’s production, it stays there. The same problem Curren$y has on “Pilot Talk” hits “Rolling Papers”. Curren$y(speaking of) makes an appearance on “Rooftops” and drops some nice bars while Wiz is medocre but the production on that record sounds like some Fruity Loops leftovers . The production overall is sooooo mellow, that the album has not life to it. Every track is a chill vibe and that can boring and have you loose interest quickly. The only hyped track is “Black and Yellow” and that song is as played out as much as Charlie Sheen’s ‘Winning!’ phrase to the point that I despise it.

With that said, Rolling Papers still has some diamonds in the rough such as “Wake Up” and “Star of The Show” but the album is poorly executed. Then to make shit worse is the lyrical content and the substance in the album, Khalifa doesn’t really have much of a wide range of a flow or topics to address on Rolling Papers. As moody as the album sounds, you would think it’s dark and artistic but he goes from getting bitches to haters, his swag then get more bitches and haters then back to his swag , and he recycles the rotation. Then his lyrics are no where near top notch or creative as they could be, which is fine if you are saying something, but obviously, hearing this album their is no moral, not much creativity, no message,  like a poor man’s “Man on The Moon.” It’s kinda shocking knowing that Wiz Khalifa has some great mixtapes, which got me thinking, maybe he is just a mixtape Artist i.e Jadakiss, Papoose, and Fabolous.

Overall, this album is a shrug, just purchase the hot tracks off itunes or better yet, just  download his mixatpe  Cabin Fever, it’s far better and the shit is FREE! That is the deal of the week. This album is missing that spark that Khalifa mixtapes has and all the hype and buzz around Khalifa just lead to an underachieved album. It’s not bad, but it’s not good either, I guess theres a reason people think this is his first album, I’m not saying but I’m just saying. Drake was last year disappointment in the overhyped “Thank Me Later” looks like Khalifa is this years overhyped artist, well at least “Thank Me Later” had some memorable lines and great supporting features and a great production while this has………what was I talking about? Oh Yeah, theres always next time to knock it out of the park.  Look on the bright side, still got Cabin Fever.

Recommend Tracks: When I’m Gone, Star Of The Show, Wake Up, The Race


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