Hip Hop Prospect:Verze

We are finally back Delivering fresh new talent! This month we’re going to my region of the midwest. Coming out off Omaha, Nebraska I give you Davionne Hudson a.k.a Verze. The 21 year old Emcee/Producer is all about making a good first impression and a very humble person at the same time, you don’t get that a lot from rappers, well his talents he really does have to brag,  just let the bars be all the ego you need.

Verze is takes creativity to another level with his metaphors and charismatic flow only makes his bars sound more fluidly. Been into hip hop since forever and started taking it to the mic at seventeen and started producing at eighteen and he instantly felt this was his passion. Making music from just listening to it has made him more open minded and made him even more aware of his surroundings. Verze stase he was an Artist long before he was rapping and I can tell on his track I heard, so the transitions from sketching and painting to poetic rhymes came naturally over time. I asked Verze like I asked every hip hop prospect, which is what’s their views on hip hop and he replied;


“As far as the current state of Hip-Hop goes… it honestly looks like its just headed into the wrong direction… it seems as if no one is interested in longevity… too many Artist making music for the “now”… I prefer to be creative and spread positive thoughts for the future and for people that are tired of hearing non-sense and rants about how much money was spent on materialistic things… and how many women they sleep with… now don’t get me wrong… there will always be those elements in Life… and maybe some people define those elements as success… but I beg to differ… I  just feel there are so many more important things to discuss.”


With influences of Big and Pac, the traditions blueprint for all up and coming emcees and a surprise choice in Chamillionaire. I hope we see you on shelves soon, if they even sell music in stores now. I have no clue, all of the music store are closed over here, well at least I see you soon on my ipod but I digress, (it’s like my thing).Make sure you stay tune for his new project “ShadowLight” which will be his first music record ever and get more music and news from Verze at YouTube.com/VerzeTV. Hopefully we’ll have the mixtape for you soon so look out for that. I now leave you with some poetry in motion from the man himself entitled ‘Dark Matter Solution’ and tell me if he doesn’t leave a great first impression. If you want to be feature as a hip hop prospect send your music to theprolificmovement@yahoo.com.

Verze-Dark Matter Solution


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