Pharoahe Monch-W.A.R(Album Review)

The Takeover?….

Pharoahe Monch, an underground favorite is releasing his third solo album with the prior smash “Desire” being five years behind, Monch is set to release WAR or We Are Renagades this Tuesday and like Slum Village last and finale album, I seen no promotions, I heard no single release, no going to radio stations to get a little buzz, nothing. He’s basically banking on his talent and his underground fans then to commercial his album and that takes some balls to that but can Monch back it up?

Let me start off this review with three words, Oh. My.God, Any underground fans that have been bitching about Lasers can now shut the hell up because Pharoahe Monch  is here to fill that void and brings the best lyrical content of 2011 and I don’t see it getting top. From start to finish I was loosing my mind listing to this album, “Evolve” is untouchable, just poetic rhymes destroying the beat. “How many gorillas who actually killas really rhyming? Artist that actually signed still killing, when it comes to killing the mic they not willing and I’m suppose to be shook? That’s the shit that kill me.” Line of the year! Then Monch drop classic tracks like “Clap Back” and “W.A.R” on along with Immortal Technique on the hook, which they’re revolting against the media, the government, and hip hop. I could go into details on the wide rang of metaphors Monch uses but I would literally be here for hours,if Monch wants to got to war, no one in the rap game is stopping him. Pharoahe is a true solider in the rap game and just took over shit with this album, this is hip hop and the definition of a talent. Pharoahe Monch is taking the people back on this album from the bullshit in society and giving that revolution I been craving for.

“Black Hand Side,” is a very inspiring track , Styles P starts the track off with possibly his best feature period and Phonte kills too, it’s just an ill track, I can’t really say who had the best verse but that track is epic and hip hop at it’s purest. Unless you’re a big Pharoahe fan, you won’t be prepared to hear this album, this is that original hip hop, intellectual rhymes, fresh ass productions and soulful hooks. A very conscious record but  Monch flow so ill, it would go over most heads how inspiring his lyrics are. “Assassins” is the my favorite track and it features Jean Grae and she has to be the hottest feamle Emcee in the game now and been killing it in 2011, I think I’m  going to need a album from her asap! Royce da 5’9 wrecks havoc as well on the track and you already know Monch does his thing on the mic.

Talk about sleeper of the year, overall this is a cult classic. I really don’t need to big up this album because it does it itself. The best album I’ve heard in maybe two or three years in the lyrical since of things and the best hip hop album out now and I don’t see any album due out later in the year topping this record, maybe Common got a shot but no one else is going to compete with this and it’s not commercial, he stayed true to the core like always and deliver a classic out of no where. Buy this album if you love hip hop and love lyricism. With some of the best features period, everyone stepped up and held down Pharoahe Monch on the album and literally nothing short of a classic from track to track. I think it’s safe to say that Pharoahe Monch is top 5 in the game and if you disagree, pick up this album. With this, Lasers, The Chef album, and Khalifa and Big Sean on the way, this March is the best time to be a hip hop fan.

Recommended Tracks:The Whole Album

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