Are D’Antoni’s days in New York numbered?

We all knew he doesn’t stress defense from his days as head coach for the Suns but, you’re in New York now and two losses to the Pacers is just intolerable.

As if it were bad enough the Knicks lost key players in acquiring Carmelo from the Nuggets; the new look Knicks haven’t been any better, at least defensively. Last night the Knicks lost a game against the Pacers that should have been easily won. Unfortunately Tyler Hansborough wasn’t going to let that happen as he piled up a 30 point performance for the night. Amare Stoudemire found himself on the wrong end of the stick as he lost a pass from Chauncey Billups to possibly stick a knife in Indiana’s chances of winning. Luckily Melo bailed him out on the go-ahead layup to tie the game at 117. And then it happened…

The old no defense mentality struck again as Danny Granger was allowed to step back from 15 feet away and hit a jump shot over two Knick players to win the game. My only question is “Why wasn’t he doubled from the start of the play?”

The Knicks give up too many points, period. And if something isn’t done, I don’t expect D’Antoni to be returning as head coach next season. There’s no excuse for losing to the Pacers on Sunday and Tuesday.

The comedy of all this began during the post game conference when Mike D’Antoni was asked what he believed went wrong on the floor defensively

he replied: I don’t think anything went wrong defensively we just didn’t make enough shots

Yet this is the coach supposedly leading the world-famous New York Knickerbockers to a championship….right


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