Lupe Fiasco-Lasers (Album Review)

You say tomato, I say classic!…

Two years in the waiting for this, Lupe Fiasco’s highly anticipated “Lasers” or Love Always Shine, Everytime Remember to Smile is set to release next week and I have to say it’s been a journey for Lupe. To the album almost being scratched and sparks a protest, which I thought was a possibly a publicity stunt but after hearing the album, I can see why the label heads were afraid to release this album, so with that being said, was this album worth all the hype and the protest?

Can I first say this, about damn time! Now on to the review, when I first heard the first track “Letting Go” I knew he was gong back to his roots on this album to “Food an Liquor” and I was prepared of what I was about to hear. ‘Food and Liquor,” is a classic that doesn’t get the respect it deserves. A lot of people said it was too over their heads to grasp the album or the productions was weak and Pop-ish, but I love it even more for that reason, the exceptions of a Lupe album can never be met because Lupe does what’s unexpected. The most controversial track, I heard in years is “Words I Never Said” the most powerful track I’ve heard since “I Use To Love H.E.R.” Lupe touches every subject that every rapper is afraid to touch or say on that record such as his line “Ghaza strip was gettin bombed but Obama didn’t say shit, That’s why I didn’t vote for him, next one either, I’m a part of the problem, my problem is I’m peaceful.” The first rapper to step out and say he doesn’t support Obama, but the food for thought line was, “I think that all the silence is worse than all violence,” Wow, some people don’t even realize how powerful that line is.

Lupe goes left field with tracks like “Coming Up” and  “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now” which has a up-tempo kinda techno production but Lupe bodies the track. He steps out further on this album to separate himself from the pack, he has a little more fun experimenting on this album with a punk rock/pop vibe and taking more risk. “The Show Goes On,” is a great track and Lupe takes shots at Atlantic records and the second verse is PMB’s Best Rap Verse of 2010 shows love to the people, the record is a smash. Lupe gives his all on this album as well with tracks like “Never Forget You,” and “Beautiful Laser” which is the battle Lupe has with himself to the point he even use suicide as an exit, he also states that his fan are what keeps him going or his beautiful  L.A.S.E.R.S. is what he calls them. Lupe still gives you the great substance on this album along with something new, like “State Run Radio” Maybe my favorite track on the album.. well…. second, where he pretends to be the mainstream who promotes ignorance and knocks on originality, uniqueness, and music with substance.

One of my favorite foreign talents, Sway make his debut on American retail on “Break The Chain” which is about getting free and expressing yourself, he goes in along with Lupe Fiasco  in trying to break the mentality in society nowadays. My favorite tracks is “All Black Everything,” definition of black he was representing in the song. The absence of color entirely, the absence of racism. Lupe also takes you into a what if scenarios, as what if slavery was a legit business and they got paid,  or what if the urban community unites as one and killed the negativity of the minority and to shoot for the stars regardless of your race and to kill discrimination.

I am almost certain fans of “The Cool,” aren’t big fans of “Food and liquor,”and won’t be fans of this album because Lupe branches out of hip hop or what they call “selling out” like Kanye West and Drake on recent albums,  and not containing himself into a box and given you the same consistency in his  music. I wish he had a poem for the intro to foreshadow the album but that is a minor flaw. I would hope people would really get the messages he puts in this album which is to put substance into the mainstream and don’t let society tell you that your nothing and the smallest person can make the biggest impact in the world, but most likely people will listen to it off the back and say “What the fuck is this shit?” base on the production not being “hip hop” enough.  Anyone with an open mind will appreciate this album and understand the message. Lupe even stated before the album was released, it will be controversial and to add, Atlantic didn’t want to release it and didn’t like the direction he was going on this album should have given people the hint it would be a unique album.

Overall, this album is one of those lost gem classic such as “Massacre” and “808’s and Heartbreak” and yes those are gem classics, people don’t see it now but a few years down the line, people will appreciate this album. I like when Artist go out the norm to be unique, inspiring, daring and Lupe does that with a solid production, not great but Lupe never had a five star productions(Listen to Food and Liquor and The Cool) and he still gives great thought provoking rhymes.  It’s not just a great hip hop album, it’s a great album in general. When you have the talent to do that, you’re only helping hip hop in getting respect and killing the  stereotype of what hip hop should sound like. I say it’s a must buy for any hip hop fans to hear the message and see you can be catchy and have substance at the same time and non hip hop fans can enjoy it too, which is a major bonus.

Recommended Tracks: The Whole Album

10 thoughts on “Lupe Fiasco-Lasers (Album Review)

  1. Lasers sucks. Lupe did his part with the lyrics. Lyrics are on point, like always. You can tell where his Label fucked him over. With the exception of a few songs you can tell most of the beats were made for the radio and a lot of the hooks are corny as shit. As Lupe said in a video earlier Atlantic changed the hook on one of the tracks over 50 times. Lupe is a great artist, he will bounce back from this. Album is good i guess, but not as good as it should have been.

  2. what a waste of an album,I thought cool was way to poppy but this new album took it to “Far East Movement” levels

  3. What a 5 out of 5 The shit trash you must be high, Lupe went all pop and lack his signature metaphors. And “Massacre” and “808′s and Heartbreak” are classics? LMAO

  4. Good review and I agree, this album is getting negative feedback beacuse it is Lupe, anyone else would get a pass but becuase it’s him they can’t let it slide, people are freaking out like he really did sell out, he’s not calling females bitches, he’s not talking about his swag or have a song about dumb ass dance, the funny thing is they can’t really knock the lyricism and the substance just the beats and hooks, which is irony since underground fans always complian that mainstream has dope beats and catchy hooks and wack rhymes, they never happy.

  5. Heh, this album really reminds me of Recovery…
    People complain about beats, choruses, etc.
    But do not listen to the lyrics which are great in this album !
    Listen guys, Lupe hasn’t changed, the game did.

  6. People tend to be afraid for their favorite artist to evolve, Lasers is a international record, its giving his fans a taste of music outside of sampled beats, and at the same time giving non fans of hip hop a taste of “Super Lupe Flow” All Black Everything is a powerful record as well as Words I Never Said and Beautiful Lasers, but it is what it is, haters gone hate.

  7. Album was okay I liked it since all my friends didn’t like Lupe because he was to hard to understand, This album really converted them into Lupe fans since the lyrics still have that great message but in a must simpler form. So the album isn’t a classic like The Cool or Food & Liquor but is is a very……”Entertaining” album with addictive song that people who only listen to the Radio hits will eat up. Hopefully Lupe will release a album soon with him just killing it lyrically like he does in his mixtapes but this Album is like a 3 out of 5 for hardcore Lupe fans and a 4.5 for everyone else

    1. Kick Push is no different than any track on Lasers in lyrical quality as well as He say She say, which is one verse recycled for the second verse in different perspective. It’s no F&L nor The Cool, but still a great addition to the Lupe catalog.

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