What About Black Future?:We Need a Revolution

First, I have to give a shout out to Lupe Fiasco for “Words I Never Said” because it influenced this blog and he influence me a lot as a person in general. I wanted to write this for a while, but I’ve tried to shy away from it but it’s no better time than to end black history month to say this, if Egypt can do it, so can we! We need a revolution!

Let me get my Kanye on for a minute, we at PMB are one of  a kind, no other blogs is doing what we are doing, half of them are to afraid to. They worried about losing their regular viewers. The majority of our daily viewers are some intelligent people, just looking at our comments you can see how diverse in people we bridge together. As many great minds comes to our site just shows how richer our blog is compared to any other black web blog. People don’t come here to read how Kat Stack exposed another rapper or exposing a celeb who’s has the IRS chasing them or some other bullshit. We got stuff like, How to Relieve your project mentality,and spotlight fresh unsigned talent, we’re more worried about helping our society, than using the fairy tale world of Hollywood for a few quick hits.

But I digress from the main topics at hand (that’s just to give you taste of where I’m headed) Black history is to highlights our people and what they have achieved but if you are over 20 you know Marting Luther King, Malcolm X and etc, Why does it have to take February(the shortest month of the year to add) to highlight them and why is it black history, and not  just American history? Why in school do we jam as much black history as we can into one month? We get all hyped about black history and say we did this and that but you didn’t do shit, Martin Luther King did that, what history have we in this generation provided for America outside entertainment? NOTHING!

Don’t give me that Obama bullshit! Because if Obama was full white he wouldn’t even be president, this is how simple minded we are as a society we voted for him to be the first “Black” president  but this past election, how many of you voted to help him out” Not even half who voted for him in 2008, but you want change. He’s not benefiting the minority, he’s on ESPN more than the Cavilers, he’s just like every other president in the White House and just bullshits his way throughout his term, do not let his skin color fool you. Our community is so lazy and just waiting for our savior, a respiration checks, or something else ridiculous this is why 70% of our community is on government assistance. This the shit that bothers me, everyone’s “goal” is to get out the hood, but if your working on getting out the hood, then why in the hell would you have kids to slow you down or have unprotected sex in the first place, you can get a three pack for $7.99. If you can’t afford a condom, then sex should be far from your mind.

Our community so weak, no one wants to work and we want everything now, if half of us would focus on getting a career, that alone would lower teen pregnancies and dropout rates. Can you imagine if one person just one from each household on the block contributed to the community in making it a safer, cleaner, drug free and positive environmental , no one would need to leave the the projects. Drug dealers show how stupid their are their willing risk their freedom for a quick buck then use the hustle to create franchise off that drug money ie 50 Cent. We don’t realize how much power we have, we can be more powerful than the system, but instead we buy them Jordans to hit the club Friday while your rent due. You buy them two hundred dollars Jordans just to stunt, how many of you rocking some sketchers in the club, I hear you now, you can’t do that, they going clown you. You would rather be slave to society, then to be a free thinker.

Slavery to society is what is killing our community literally, Derrion Albert and Bobby Tillman killed over some nigga foolery. How many of you even try to be yourself in public? Females dress like sluts and then want to be respect at the same time, ain’t that some shit, that’s like walking around with your pants off your ass and wanting to be respected as a Man or The “NO HOMO” epidemic, Black dudes so afraid of Gay men kissing, saying its disgusting; like the porn you watched last night with the two dude fucking the one chick isn’t, but that’s the Christian mind for you. Christians are just slaves of the Bible, and judgmental on everyone else’s lifestyle. Christians too afraid to think for themselves because they think their going to go to this fantasy world called “hell.” The Bible is full of contradictions but people still go by the books words as if God himself wrote the shit. Peep this, being prideful and narcissistic is a sin but every sunday you praised God, in prospective that means God himself is sining right?( It’s okay take you time in trying to justify the bible). I’m not hating on just Christianity, all religions, it’s just the same as politics.

We as people, blacks, white, hispanic and so on, need to get off our asses and make our history. You only have one life, your goal before you leave this earth should be to have a big impact on it. The littlest thing (such as a blog) can make a difference.  The internet is right here in front of you, you can get your voice heard or live out your dream, it’s that easy asked Alphacat, Timmy De La Ghetto, even Kimbo Slice. We need to take the opportunity while we can and create a better status quo. You know much we can influences the world, forget the Illuminati, we have the power. If we want to changed the world as a union we could, if we wanted a revolution, we could. If we wanted to be free from the system we could and would really be free. Black History is all about breaking the slave mentality and stand against the status quo, do I have to remind you how America was founded, how the Holocaust was formed or Slavery was created. Don’t let society fool into thinking this the way how life supposed to be, if you set your mind to it, you may have even a greater mind then Martin Luther King and can changed the world. Our time is now, so let’s make history.

3 thoughts on “What About Black Future?:We Need a Revolution

  1. This is a pretty good post, but Niggas don’t want to hear the truth. When you make our people think, they freak out and call you a hater or some other bullshit.

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