Drake and Nicki Minaj want out of Young Money unless Multi Million dollar deal is imminent

Hip Hop is about to undergo a major shakeup involving major labels and two of the biggest up and coming superstars. According to a well-known source(DJ ______), everything isn’t all gravy at the YM headquarters. While Baby can do but so much to keep Nicki Minaj and Drake from jumping ships; at the same time, a switch in scenery may just be what Wayne needs to keep his self- proclaimed best rapper alive title since his release from Rikers Island

According to a DJ very close to Lil Wayne himself, “there’s a black cloud surrounding the YM camp so big that Wayne and Baby can’t afford to make any mistakes from here on.” And now for the news….

Apparently shit isn’t going well involving a new deal for Drake and Nicki Minaj. My source is indicating that both respective artists want a multi million dollar deal individually to keep them under the Young Money wraps. Unfortunately, it seems as if Baby isn’t ready to commit to that just yet. I find it hard to see how Baby could resist investing that type of money into these two; then again in a second thought, the pros and cons seem apparent.


Pros: Drake has been the biggest star on the hip hop scene since the emergence of Young Jeezy. He’s also the only artist that comes to mind winning a grammy before the release of an official album. Not to forget that he’s single-handedly held down YM while Wayne was on his vacation to the big house. Drake is bound to make Wayne and Baby money internationally due to his canadian roots.

Cons: Baby knows that there is a whole bunch of competition within the camp of power players in hip hop. Not signing Drake to a new deal would easily open the door for Jay-Z to offer him that money to jump on the Roc-Nation label. The same label where Nicki Minaj’s arch nemesis Lil Kim lurks. Bringing Drake to Roc Nation may be the nail in the coffin that confirms Jay-Z as the smartest entrepreneur hip hop has ever seen. I’m absolutely sure that doing so would fuel a fued between Wayne and Jigga man.

Nicki Minaj

Pros: Hate it or love it, Nicki has been the hottest female entering the hip hop game(dominated by men) since Kim in the 90’s. That may soely be based on the fact that she has been the only female in the picture since Kim’s disappearance after her year bid, Missy’s sudden retirement, and Remy’s jail stint. With that being said, Nicki has been a dominant  female force in hip hop….because shes the only one. Even if her rhymes are mediocre, females around the world are rejoicing. Finally something to relate to and someone to inspire our daughters to sit on faces. Oh don’t blame me for the sarcasm, check the rise in teenage pregnancy over the past 1-2 years.

Cons: Diddy wants to bring Nicki Minaj to Bad Boy in hopes to reincarnate a 90’s version of the label. I wonder who will play Ma$e if Ross plays Biggie and Nicki plays Kim. I guess that makes them Dirty Money bitches an upscale version of Total hahaha(However, I’m rambling so back to topic). With Nicki on Bad Boy, YM loses a strong portion of its fan base. As much as I hate to say it, they can’t afford to lose Nicki or Drake simply due to the fact that there isn’t anyone big enough on a come up to fill their shoes.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next couple of months. If worse comes to worse than Wayne will be forced to literally put his foot in hip hop’s ass like he did since The Carter 2 days. But if worse comes to worse, Wayne can always fall back on Tyga, Cory Gunz, and Mack Maine(Lmao I’m on a roll). And that basically sums up the rise and fall of Young Money in 668 words.


Maybe, just maybe Drake may get his multi million dollar wish if of course, he kisses his daddy.


8 thoughts on “Drake and Nicki Minaj want out of Young Money unless Multi Million dollar deal is imminent

  1. Young money better sit their ass up and singed these two because they can clearly see that Drake and Nicki are great potential that record labels are yawning for.If they let them walk ,that will definitely be the end of YMCMB.And i know that Roc-Nation and Bad Boy are praying for the release of these two to them.

  2. Leaving YM would be the best move for Drake to get his original fans who were there from the start. He kind of sold out once he linked up to Wayne, he had way more substance in his music before signing to YM and he actually rapped and not this slow ass rap shit he does now.

  3. Nicki’s lyrics are anything BUT mediocore. Her lyrics are so out of the box it’s insane…
    But anywho, I kinda saw this coming…Drake & Nicki are basically the ones carrying YM, it’s time for the rest of the members to step it up or do without Drake & Nicki. Drake & Nicki would probably go back to who they were before signing to YM. I feel like things are getting out of hand, especially with Nicki–she’s giving “lap dances” now? Wtf? And another thing–teen pregnancy numbers have been through the roof probably people even knew who ONIKA MARAJ was.

  4. Seriously, if Drake and Nicki are out, Young Money is done. They’re the main people in YM. And Wezzy.. Kid Kid, Lil Chuckie, gutta gutta are NEVER going to get as big as Drake and Nicki Minaj…. YM should sign Kid Ink.

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