Lil Kim drops Black Friday Mixtape. Regardless, people still question….

As some of you have already heard on twitter, Lil Kim has finally dropped this Black Friday Mixtape in hopes of destroying her alter ego Nicki Minaj. Not like I cared to buy this shit but, questions are being raised over some comments Kim made not too long ago about the mixtape sales.

Kim has finally grabbed the attention of some with her recent comments stating that her “Black Friday Mixtape” has sold 113,000 copies within a 28 hour period. Now while I currently could give two shits about this beef due to the fact that female rap has taken a big leap in reverse, I will go as far out to say that I’d rather hear Kim talk about sex and sucking dick in every song she makes, than listen to Nicki Minaj and her horrible attempts to establish herself as a prominent female lyricist in the rap game. No I’m not hating, I just don’t want to hear that corny shit. She’s the Soulja Boy of female rap. I’d rather listen to Mack Maine‘s wack ass. But anyway, the statement regarding sales has even shocked me because while PayPal allows users to sell products & etc. through they’re site, they also require a profit from the sales being made on the servers. So if you do the math:

$9.99 x 113,000 = $1,128,870

However, if I’m not mistaken; PayPal takes a third of each transaction you make. I could be wrong but, this is how the process usually goes. If that’s true, then Lil Kim would have made $752,580 within a 28 hour period. That in itself is Legendary, then again she is the only female with five mics in the source. Kim has stated on her twitter that she’s became the highest grossing PayPal seller in history. So go figure.

I’m also reading into the fact that this may all be a cover up to throw salt in Nicki Minaj’s face since Minaj keeps tweeting things such as “LMAOOOOOO” since the release of the mixtape. I’m tempted to believe that PayPal would have been shut down the distribution of her music due to the fact that PayPal is solely for the import export of goods. Good that don’t include things such as music. But then again, I’m not Lil Kim so I can just speculate on the outside looking in.


I personally am not going to pay $10 dollars for a fucking mixtape that I won’t even receive physically but, hey fans do anything these days. Though in the end, if all self-proclaimed appears to be true then great from the Queen B. She’s proving that she still has pull as a female artist whether or not the music is being sold over the internet as to being distributed in stores. Congratulations Kim, you are one of the few female pioneers proving that money can still be made without a sex tape to boost your career.



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