Bad Boys 3 Coming Soon!

Martin Lawrence, star of 1995’s Bad Boys and its 2003 sequel, has talked about the possibility of a third film in the detective series. The actor spoke about the plans while promoting Big Momma’s: Like Father Like Son, the third film in Lawrence‘s long-running Big Momma’s House series.
He told that the movie’s producers were currently working on a script.

“They’re working on a script now,” Lawrence said. “That’s something I think looks very real. Will Smith told me that he wanted to do it as well.”

He added: “[producer and director] Michael Bay, I heard, was on board and [producer] Jerry Bruckheimer. We’ll see.”

The Bad Boys films starred Lawrence and Smith as detectives who work in the narcotics division of the Maimi-Dade Police.

“There’s no timeline,” Lawrence said of the possible new project.

The first Bad Boys was released in 1995, and the film exceeded the expectations making over $100 million worldwide.

In the sequel with the help of Smith’s action star status and Bay as a huge director, the 2003. sequel grossed $138 million domestically and $273 million worldwide.

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