Let That Boy Cook!: The Miseducation of Lil B

As you can recall the 2010 Wack Rappers List I put Lil B at the top of the list and I called Lil B the Detroit lions of rap and stated anyone who like this dude, kill yourself and go straight to hell, now those was some harsh words but I also said I never sat through a whole Lil B track as well, so I never gave him the benefit of the doubt. I can honestly say once listening to his latest “Angel Exodus” that he is misunderstood and may be a positive influence on hip hop.

I already see some of you bout to unsubscribe but wait, before you do. To those like myself that believe he was killing or hurting hip hop, let me say this.. how is that? Better yet what do you consider hip hop? A fresh sound, artistic,a positive message,uniqueness, dare to take risk? Well if anyone of those Lil B fits that description to be honest he fits all those. His raw style is very different then anything I’ve heard which makes it hard to grasp but with a solid production makes you want to listen and once you hear the content it’s really not that bad, in fact not bad at all.

Now is he the best rapper, out hell no! No where near it but he’s more hip  hop than half these cats out today and his base movement is heavy. Hip Hop is all about being different, taking risk and creating a style, Lil B may be ahead of everyone in the game in daring to call himself a Pretty Bitch and saying he looks like Paris Hilton and the freshest dance out. Now I’m not a fan off most of his more party tracks but l love his conscious track and yes, Lil B has substance. His music can be poetic and food for thought, he may not be your style of hip hop(not really mines either) but just because something isn’t your taste doesn’t mean it isn’t hip hop.

Listing to his “Angel Exodus” I heard noting but creativity, positive vibes and that’s all I look for in music is substance and creativity and Lil B does it his way and that’s the best way, to do it your own way not to tame yourself into a category, branch out and be different. Lil B said it best “Don’t mistake knowlegde for wisdom.”With that said, will he be around in five years? Only time will tell but I see him signing elsewhere, he won’t go far signed to Souja Boy label. What he’s doing has not been done in hip hop in a while since maybe Kanye, when he was the only nigga rocking pink polos in mist of throwback jeresys, now niggas rocking skinny jeans. So I can admit i’m eating my words and gain respect for Lil B uniqueness and appreciate whats he’s doing for hip hop. All he trying to do is cook, respect originality and let this boy cook!


3 thoughts on “Let That Boy Cook!: The Miseducation of Lil B

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