Unico’s Taxi Of Tomorrow Poses A Smarter, Brighter, and more Eco Friendly Future For All

Innovators at Unico have certainly managed to demand attention with their proposal of the Unicab. It proves to uphold all the necessities we as New Yorkers need in public transportation. Today I caught up with Marketing Lead Courtney Chappelle, as he explained to me just what exactly the “Unicab” brings to the table, and why that still may prove to night be enough.

Me: Courtney, whats going on?

Courtney: Everything is good. Trying to make it there day by day like everyone else.

Me: Now what exactly is Unico and the Unicab?

Courtney: Led by Chris Burell, Unico proves to be a unique and innovative company pressed upon making the future of autommotive transpotation easier with the Unicab.

Me: I’m really feeling the concept of the vehicle.

Courtney: Yeah, so am I. It’s very futuristic. But, that a good thing; we need something different.

Me: True indeed, now what exactly does the Unicab bring to the table?

Courtney: The Unicab is an futuristic automotive energy efficient presence that proves to be safer than current cabs when you’re outside or inside the vehicle. There’s also a wheelchair entry for those who can’t get out and about like others.

Me: I like.

Courtney: Also let me not leave out the fact that the Unicab will be way more affordable based on cab share. Whereas, the more you share cabs the lower the fee to commute. The Unicab receives energy from the solar panels atop of the roof to keep it moving efficiently by the minute.

Me: So when should we actually expect to see the first actual Unicab?

Courtney: That’s where things become skeptical. Though the proposal for the Unicab was ultimately submitted in 2007, TLC narrowed it down to three finalists, and Unicab wasn’t one of them. Chris Burrell and the Unico Team chose to withdrawal from the TLC because of concerns about the lack of transparency, the competence of the process and the undue influence of lobbyist for the auto manufactures as well as other vested interest including the taxi industry lobby group. Out of the three finalist, only one is wheel chair accessible and none of them show much change or development design wise from what’s on the market now. As long as the TLC stands behind their requirements and not by the investors they will have to allow other proposals and designs to be taken into consideration. With the right support this time when voting pools are open more people will be aware of what’s going and the finalist who better fit the requirements will be chosen. We as people have to come together to bring positive change on this particular matter by letting our voices, thoughts, and opinions known to the public. It’s the same process in every aspect of life. President Obama didn’t get elected by sitting home. He acted. We as a people need to learn how to act.

As you all can understand the Unicab would be a great add-on to the future but, not everything is promised. Some ideas go overlooked, some favored. If you’d like to learn more about the Unicab, please proceed to visit their website. Follow them on twitter @tomorrowtaxi

Or contact Courtney Chappelle via email at: chappelle.court@gmail.com


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