Greenpois0n Untethered Jailbreak for Iphone/Ipad 4.2.1 released!

Folks at the dev team have done it again. The untethered Jailbreak for Iphone/Ipad on 4.2.1 has finally been released, and some already are suffering from issues with restoring and installing cydia. I’ll clarify some of these issues and offer some well-known workarounds.

Before hand, here are some things that should be noted:

I have yet to test this out on a windows laptop. This workaround will be for mac users only.

If you have wifi sync installed on your Mac OSX systems please download the uninstaller here for the time being until this process is completed. Users have been reporting that some of their devices weren’t completing the restore process; deleting wifi sync should do the trick.

A clean restore or update will be required to go ahead and download your iPhone/iPad firmwares here

lastly, remember to download your version of greenpois0n here

Thats not all though, to be on the safe side, download the newest version of redsn0w here

Now here is where we get technical. Proceed to back up your i device. Then restore with the clean 4.2.1 firmware. The deletion of wifi sync should get you through the reported stalls in the restoring process. Once the restore is complete run greenpois0n. If you choose to, it’s a quicker process if you place the phone in dfu mode before you open the jailbreaking application.

Once greenpois0n starts doing it’s job make sure you hold the home button throughout the whole process. Do not worry about the greenpois0n initiated message on your device’s screen, just continue to hold the home button until the screen becomes flooded with source code and the animated boot logo comes up on the screen.

Success, you now have loader. Unfortunately, the servers are fucked to cydia won’t download through that app.

Now you can restore your phone from the previous backup and when thats finished, proceed to running the redsn0w beta 6.

Locate the ispw for your device and click continue. Leave the install cydia box checked and move on to placing the phone in dfu mode. Once the phone boots back up when the installation is done, you will notice cydia on the screen of your jailbroken untethered device.


Now if you go to sync and it says that the required file is missing, just delete the folder “iPod photo cache” and sync again.



One thought on “Greenpois0n Untethered Jailbreak for Iphone/Ipad 4.2.1 released!

  1. Hi there I stumbled on your site by mistake when i searched Google for this issue, I have to point out your page is very helpful I also love the layout, its wonderful!

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