Black History Month: I Have A Dream Speech By Martin Luther King

Today marks the first day of Black History Month and if there’s anytime to remember what we have come from as a people and a nation, now is that time.

When people vision Martin Luther King the first thing they think of is how he fought for equality for African-Americans suffering through slavery. Sadly, that’s the typical mistake most individuals make on the regular. MLK didn’t strive for equality of one nation; the dream he blessed us with included any and every race you could think of. So the fact that Jews and a large percentage of Hispanics hate us Black people baffles me. The problem with this world is that everyone wonders what if for the wrong reasons. Like: “What if she doesn’t call, What if the bus doesn’t come, What if I don’t get this loan?” What happened to wondering; What if Martin didn’t have a dream?

Yeah, that’s the problem. What if. What if we were still slaves? What if Hispanics couldn’t get Visas to come to America? What if women didn’t have rights?

I remember reading this speech millions of times as a kid, yet till this day I can only remember bits and pieces of it.

These days our people are suffering from major poverty tribulations. It’s never a time or a year to do better; if we as a people want to do better than it has to be done at will. He who waits, waits forever.

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