The Decline Of African-American Intelligence Due To Hip Hop As A Music And As A Culture

When I first envisioned blogging about this topic, I was gonna take the ol’ Illuminati route by informing you all about how these secret societies manipulate these recording companies, forcing artists to produce negative or provocative songs that go on to be hit singles. I’ll refrain from that route due to the usual discrepancies over who does and doesn’t want to open their eyes to see a bigger picture. Then we have those who read too much into the whole Illuminati thing(Thank You YouTube); resulting to unintelligent & ignorant ideologies. Anyway, I want to inform all of the daily viewers that thanks to you guys we have easily surpassed 40k views in one year. I also want to personally thank each and every male or female who has visited our blog and contributed to every view we have accumulated in our first year. Now back to what we do best.

Hip Hop since the 70’s has influenced African-American culture to a point beyond return. What started off as nursery rhymes for the kids, has now turned into irate lyrics accompanied by obscene rap videos that includes some sort of female sexual exploitation no matter what the main topic is. Hip Hop to me falls hand in hand with the depriving of my African-American people as a civilization. The way we were robbed of land and forced to become enslaved within our homeland; is the same process we are going through in the music industry. Don’t believe the hype that sex sells in Hip Hop. Sex sells in the pornographic industry.

Unfortunately, too many of these current and upcoming artist are too ignorant to realize that if enough of them switched their style up and created a positive image for Hip Hop, it possibly would generate more revenue. I could have sworn the year Nas came out with “I Know I Can”, it was on the radio for at least a year and change. But no one likes to enlighten the kids of the next generation. Instead we’re more focused on teaching them how to waste our hard-earned money(Legally or Illegally) at the strip club before we decide to put food on the table for the month.

The reason things like this continue to occur comes from fear. Artists are scared to say they don’t want to put out a certain song as a single because when conflict between a label executive shows itself, they risk being dropped. But guess what, the labels need us! We are just too weak-minded to rebel. We’re so blinded by the money, clothes, and advances these labels throw at us in exchange for our souls in the long run. Let me give you all some examples:

T.I. said: “Wanna tell a nigga no with an ass so fat, now why you wanna go and do that?”

As a result: That album entitled “King” went platinum

Here’s another one

Lupe Fiasco released a track called “I’m Beaming” with these influential lyrics opposing that we open our minds

You see I hood a lot, and yeah I nerd some
Hood’s where the heart is, nerd’s where the words from
Don’t represent either, because I merged them
It‘s kids who wanna leave, and I encourage them
Go out and see the world, never return from
Yeah, you don’t come back, unless you learn some
And baby girl, what does it matter where your purse from?
Your hurr done, your nails did, your ass fat, but you’re dumb
Mix Melyssa Ford with Maya Angelou
Become a top model and Sojourner too
I try to follow this, what Muhammad do
It’s such a old soul inside the sonic youth
Swear I’m Ferrari’d up, and I’m conscious, too
I don’t prophesize: I promise you

KiD CuDireleased a track entitled “Day n Nite” which tended to drug addicts and pill poppers that feel as if getting high is the only way to free their minds.

As a result: Kid Cudi’s “Day n Nite” received more radio play for at least 6 months straight while I’m beaming didn’t manage to maintain a constant one month rotation.

I hope you readers understand the importance of these comparisons as they display how negative decisions from corporate heads turn out to benefit the industry rather than the listeners. Diddy promoted coconut ciroc, people in the hood eventually began to drink coco loso. What ever happened to being an inspiration to the place you’ve come from? A lot of these artists self proclaim they do just that but, when you’re throwing out a song for the strippers and drug dealers, just what the fuck are you doing for that man, woman, boy, or girl, that’s busting their asses working a 9-5 or a part-time job?

In the 70’s we had Kurtis Blow who rapped about the breaks. The breaks metaphorically describing hard times we as minorities endure in a ghetto community

In the 80’s we had Run Dmc who proved to the world that three black men from the ghetto were going to make their way into Hollywood without lyrics of sexual intention or profanity any way possible. They rocked their way from household parties to global venues.

In the 90’s we had the closest thing to a walking African-American messiah in Tupac Shakur. Though Pac became involved in numerous mishaps through his career, he shed a light on the secret society known as the illuminati, exposing their manipulative ways and how we as people can rise from the ghetto, rise from any obstacle that stood in our way. Pac was never a thug, the industry personified Pac as a thug related figure since he refused to be mistreated by White Americans and cops. Most people who remained anti Tupac Shakur, despised him due to his Black Panther roots.

Bottom line is that thugs don’t win awards, thugs don’t write and publish screenplays, and thugs don’t come out of jail admitting that they were scared for their lives but, by the grace of God, family, friends, and fans;Pac remained sane and didn’t commit suicide. Tupac Shakur was no thug. Tupac Shakur was a vigorous African-American of political cause.

And in this generation we have Lil Wayne. A self-proclaimed drug dealer, tattoo junkie, global baby maker, and the voice of every form of disrespect describable metaphorically. The guy went from kissing fellow rapper “Birdman” on the lips to serving a 12 month jail sentence for possession of marijuana and a firearm on a tour bus;yet our brothers and children want to grow up to be just like him, and our sisters and cousins want to date him.

This is The Decline Of African-American Intelligence Due To Hip Hop As A Music And As A Culture

Black History Month has officially begun

10 thoughts on “The Decline Of African-American Intelligence Due To Hip Hop As A Music And As A Culture

  1. Ignorance over shines intelligences, TMZ just promotes celebs faults and people milk that shit, they get paid to promote slander of celebs, mediatakeout just lies and get millions of views and Kanye is only on white television when he’s being a asshole and not when he’s expressing his philosophy of society.

  2. Kanye in my opinion, has definitely sold out. But no one has stepped up. No parents, no advocates, no rappers, and damn sure not that fake ass president we have in office. All of that bullshit he’s worried about between sports and foreign affairs; I have yet to see him help fund any programs to keep kids out of the streets. I feel so sorry for people who voted for that fraud.

    As long as social networking and music maintain a big part in our lives, the generations to come will suffer.

  3. Y do people always downgrade dis generation of hip hop like we da only ones bein ignorant. Jersey Shore, Charlie Sheen n Lindsey Lohan lost dey dam minds no one be sayin White people lack intelligence but Gucci Mane just get a tattoo n we failing as a society.

    1. Obviously because we do the most talking about how we are the front runner for thing since we suffered slavery and whites didn’t. Our people put themselves on petal stools and then self destruct and that’s all the man is waiting for. And until we keep proving him correct then we won’t be moving forward anywhere.

    2. Hi Moe,
      Actually I disagree. I think most people of intelligence are utterly disgusted by these idiots you speak of! Reality show debutantes! I am…
      I am constantly vexing and fuming on Fb and elsewhere about how reality shows and the like, are helping to bring the U.S. population even farther down to their knees. But for a long time before they took over this job, the last 10+ years the rap industry and scene has also been a huge part of that negative influence on people, esp. the black community. Now reality shows are just taking over that role and helping to drive the proverbial nails deeper into our moral and intellectual coffins.
      It’s all part and parcel to our society and the direction we’re going now. I blame the rap industry et al(all involved) in part for helping to usher in a new era of misogyny…hatred and exploitation of women. This current crop(last 10+ years) of rap artists have promoted the worst kind of attitudes and behavior that white kids ran out and bought, literally and figuratively! But they got a LOT of help!! As the article states, promotion of this kind of rap and ‘entertainment’ over truly quality acts helped this happen easily. Like greasing the tracks that would only lead over a mountain into destruction but obviously, or they didn’t care, these producers and other promoters, had no vision to see how this would all pan out. Had the producers, hahaha..had integrity, they would have scoffed at that and said to any artists going in those destructive directions, ‘come back when you have something pertinent and real to say’….but instead they saw a market, an opportunity for exploits and preyed upon this opportunity and profited hugely. Same thing is happening with reality shows. A bunch of fools desperate for attention and will to literally whore themselves out, humiliate themselves for a potential for profit and fame. All at the demise of not only their own souls but the rest of ours with them. Bleh…..I’m with you there man….:)

  4. This article has good intentions but c’mon people this shit has been going on in almost every mainstream genre for a while. Provocative sells! Are you really surprised? People use movies, tv, and music to escape the real world. They don’t always wan’t to be constantly educated or preached to. It’s fun to live a fantasy vicariously and as long as they pay for it, artists are going to create these fantasies for these people.
    And lets not separate this racially either. If you’re gonna say hip-hop lowers intelligence, tell it how it really is. Don’t tell me you never see white/asian/etc kids from educated/well off suburban families walking around acting ignorant, calling girls bitches, smokin blunts, “making it rain” in strip clubs, packing guns and dropping n-bombs trying to be hard. You think they learned that from their environment? Nah, they heard it in a rap song and WANT to do ignorant shit cuz they think it’s cool. Hip-Hop music reaches and effects a vast audience of races beyond African-Americans so this article should more or less be entitled “Decline of Youth Intelligence due to Hip Hop, etc”.
    And on the subject of Tupac, yes in his early years he was very politically outspoken and a revolutionary but as time went on he made songs about money, degrading women, glorifying gang violence and drugs/alcohol too. One of the greatest but still, he was no saint.
    Life imitates art sometimes, but more so when there’s improper parenting and education to teach people to separate fantasy from reality. Sex, Drugs and Violence has been glorified in Movies, TV and now video games for years. Lil Wayne talking about his “Lollipop” can’t possibly be a worse than the barely blurred titties on the E network. 50 Cent talking about shooting people can’t possibly be worse than seeing a lady graphically getting her head blown off on a FOX crime show 3 minutes after “American Idol” ends and kids could still be watching. Wake up people, the media and entertainment industry thrives on the negative and the provocative. We just have to be smart enough to not imitate it! EDUCATION PEOPLE!!!

    1. White ppl do listen to rap music but we they imitate it what they say “their acting black” understand bruh this all we got. We have no black male figures on television really outside hip hop and Sports, the ones that are on television shows are still apart of hip hop Ice T on law in order and LL Cool J on NCIS. White people can watch trashy shows like Teen Mom or Bad Girls Club because you can change the channel and see them in a positive light we as black ppl don’t have that, that’s the difference. Hip Hop is the representation of black men, ppl outside our race look at “black men” as a rapper mentality and then young kids under 12 don’t know shit about the underground rap unit, all they see is wats in the mainstream. Back to the topic Mos Def said it best if hip hop good then we good if hip hop fucked up then we fucked up cuz we are hip hop.

    2. RPM…good points!
      I agree. It’s widespread. It just happens to have been the current world of rap for the last 10+ years…but guess what? We’re moving onto reality shows as the next form of mental acid to help us decay and scar ourselves further ;D Or rather, how the creators and purveyors of this garbage will help destroy us if we don’t stop them.
      And yes I agree it affects all youth, in fact just as much people outside the black community now as it did inside. Perhaps that’s why it’s become such a problem? It has had such a huge far reaching affect instead of just a small sub-culture that it once started out as.
      Imagine if punk rock had had this much of an effect upon people? hahah…wow! The external culture would have freaked out and probably say the same things. For awhile it did! People were so scared of punkers and would do the same, police would harass, teachers would condemn, parents would scoff etc… Yes it did spread out a bit but within the context of true punk culture there was such an anti-conformist mentality that it kind of prevented it from totally becoming mainstream. Phew…. 😀
      Even still, having been part of that decades ago and still in my heart, I see kids nowadays wearing streaks of color in their hair and spiked bracelets with no meaning behind it, no true sense of being different or rebellion against monotony, while saying things like, ‘totally, yea I’m going to the mall and going to get my nose pierced and buy some Doc Martens!’….eeeehhh..(buzzer going off) wrong~ Not authentic but to them there is no connection. It’s just a trend to follow. It’s not rooted in anything authentic, a culture that grew out of it’s own experience, like rap too. And it’s what they’ve been sold.
      I do think the media and those that allow the media to run roughshod all over our brains and youth in general, want it that way. It’s how they keep us soft…if you will 😉

      ‘Keep us soft, stupid and fighting over scraps; distracted dumb and afraid of ourselves and you can rob (any of) us blind in broad daylight, as we will be too busy sifting through the wreckage of our lives in hopes of redemption and imaginary treasures to notice.’ -Damiana

  5. Hip-hop has run too long. The golden age of rock lasted maybe ten years. Disco – about five. Techno – about five to ten. Hip-hop? Twenty or more years now, about ten years too long. Something else should have come along by now. Face it, the best stuff was in the ’90s or earlier.

    All music types go like that. After ten years or so, the good stuff has been done. After that, it’s looking through leftovers for ideas. Time for something completely different.

    Something with more melody and less bass. Bass has been done. Jazz? Blues? Acoustic guitar? All-girl groups? I dunno.

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