Hip Hop Prospect: J.Nolan

We drop some nice Emcees for our first year in bizz and I must say thanks to all of you for sharing your art and your vision of hip hop with us and our community and The Class of 2010 Hip Hop Prospect mixtape is still on the way so look out for that soon. With that said, a New Year only means a new class of Hip Hop Prospects. We’re headed to the dirty for the this Fresh Prospect. This dope ass Emcee goes by the name of J.Nolan, birth name Jamar Nolan, an upcoming Hip-Hop artist from New Haven, Connecticut, but currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia,but I can say from hearing that living in the south has no influence on his music,

His flow is such a North East Coast swag, and may be the best lyrical prospect we have to date. My first time hearing him was like my first time hearing Nas and I know, NEVER compare anyone to Nas by not by style or anything just the vibe and content he brings to the table. Like Lupe Fiasco, this Emcee needs to be out in the forefront representing hip hop, how he’s not signed yet is like Ripley’s believe it or not. His mixtape “Broken Dreams” is last year’s best kept secret, that Mixatpe would have made PMB’s Mixtapes of the year list if heard about it sooner and I highly recommend you download it you won’t be disappointed it’s dope from start to finish. The jazzy vibe of the album is perfect and relaxing like “Illmactic” The best way to describe this mixtape is it’s like a day on the beach watching the sunset, thats the feeling I get on this mixtape and that’s a great feeling to have, it’s that soulful music. I asked J.Nolan about his roots to hip hop, he answered;

I got into Hip-Hop music at a very young age. My introduction to it was through my parents watching MTV in the early 90s and I remember seeing Wreckx n Effect’s “Rumpshaker” video, Kriss Kross, and MC Hammer. Rapping-wise, my older brother got me to write my first rhyme when I was about 8 years old.

I can tell his hip hop influences are early 90’s, his track titled “Golden” is so authentic and rich, it shows why the 90’s are missed. He’s not talking no bull shit rap either, this that conscious rap.”Night Flight” has some great metaphors and another favorite of mine. He is the exact opposite of what’s considered hot in the mainstream hip hop and I love it. Nolan stated on his views on hip hop today;

I think the current state of Hip-Hop is in a strange place. It’s a lot of people rapping, but not enough making actual music, in my opinion. And I feel as though a lot of people are ignoring the reality of what’s going on in ‘the streets’ and focusing on their image more than ever. I just want to make some dope music for the people and give them some messages they can hold onto.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, J.Nolan is something special and I don’t say that about alot of rappers. He’s rebuilding a lane that was once destroyed by the cooperate music industry and we need to help get it back. PMB will keep you updated on J.Nolan news in the future and follow him @J_Nolan and Fan him on facebook at mhttp://www.facebook.com/jnolaniscool and on myspace at jnolaniscool.bandcamp.com and make sure you support good music and get Broken Dreams. I leave you with a track from his mixtape due soon “The Loose Flies” titled ‘Corazon’.

If you want to be feature as a hip hop prospect send your music to theprolificmovement@yahoo.com.

J.Nolan-Corazon(prod. Yung B Da Producer)


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