Talib Kweli-Gutter Rainbows(Album Review)

Hip Hop History 101

Talib Kweli back with another album his second solo album since the smash “Ear Drum” it been 4 years since then and that is a long gap can make or break you creative edge to do better or even evolve as a artist. “Gutter Rainbows” released today and with little promotion, well I don’t watch TV for real so not a lot of internet promotions but dose he delivers the goods or will he miss out oh his tip?

Talib Kweli takes his creativity to another on the album, the whole concept of the gutter rainbow is the street life in the urban community. Like the track “Gutter Rainbows” expresses the trial and tribulations of  street life, “So Low” my favorite track of the album. It’s that motivational type record, saying I’ve been low and overcame it and you can too and a wonderful production to go along with it. Kweli still brings conscious rap to the forefront with some 70’s style production is a nice touch. Talib shows that he can hang with the new school on tacks like “In On One” and “Self savior”  easily the hardest tracks on the album just dropping bars but tracks like “Wait For You” that gives it that nice touch to the album.

He doesn’t drag the album like the Reflection Enternal last album, he breaks for the society awareness mode and has alot more fun on tracks like “Mr International” “How You Love Me” and “Ain’t Waiting ” their good but they sound two decades old take that how you want can be a good or bad thing mainly if your a fan of the 70’s I guess, because thats how the album sounds for the most part. Some tracks can be painful to listen to due to the productions sounding old and even sounding a little gospel-ish. I would have like to have tracks that gets me hyped,more tracks like “Im On One” he just showcases he’s talents best on those type of records. “Family and Friends” he shouts out his hip hop fam and a great record, tracks like that are rare. “Uh-Oh” Feat Jean Grae is the hottest record I’ve heard this year, Jean Grae kill that joint, we need more female emcees out asap! She’s proven that Nicki Minaj is not the hottest female rapper in the game, she’s the only female in the game there is a big difference, but I digress Talib also demolish that track as well.

Overall, The album is solid not his best, “Ear Drum” is that joint is powerful but this is a close second. The sound of this album is different and it has creativity with great substance compared to what’s been out lately. He gives you a little of everything and not just one dimensional, would have liked a little more but he still delivers.  I say it’s a buy and is great brain food for conscious fans, mainstream fans I say pass because it won’t convert you into a conscious fan and I’ll say get “Ear Drum.” In the end, a great start to the year for hip hop.

Recommended Tracks: I’m On One, Uh-Oh, Self Savior, So Low


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