The Art Of “The Game”:The Wingman

PMB is back with AOTG series with two entries left and this one is about taking one for the team, that’s right, the wingman. Every great player should have a good wingman, their the point guard on your team assisting you when needed and can be more of an MVP than a player, and there also the wingman’s that take the charges on the team and those who are the life saving wingmen. Unless you’ve been a wingman or have a great wingman of your own, you won’t truly appreciate the power of a wingmen.

A Wigmen is the closes thing to Pussy Power for guys, a good player with a good wingman is what equals us to pussy power unless you have a wingchick(get to that later) A wingmen is a guy you bring along with you to helps you out with the women, the beauty of a wingman is, you can have no game but with the help of a wingmen can make it look like you do it’s all about the art of the game.

You ever see the episode of  ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ where Will and his boy from Philly came and they planted a gameplan on a chick where he(Will Boy) was trying to holla at her but she turned him down so he started disrespecting her and then Will comes in and “save her” the typical Jerk vs Gentlemen trick to get some pussy, stuff like that happens on a regular with a wingmen and it works for the most part. Another example is the “Shy Guy” where you send the wingmen to a chick you like and say you want to talk to her but your “too shy” to approach her so she thinks your this emotional cat and she gullible and comes running over, this one only works on certain type of women so know your women before using that one and those work for women as well but instead jerk vs gentlemen, it’s hoe vs classy, where a wing girl is way too much on you and every dude in sight and her girl plays the classy “good girl” routine  because our first thought is, I bet I can get that, because 1 unlike the hoe, we think she’s more of a challenge and lame game guys is going to try to get at the hoe anyway, so why not go for her and boom! We get played trying to be a player and never realize it.

The wingman can also hunt better than anyone and grabs some chicks for the whole team and almost every chick number in his phone is for the team . If you want to just kick it at home call your wingmen and he’ll bring a chick for you and one for him over, thats the best wingmen to have. There are also times when they have to take one for the team, this is where the wingman earn those stripes. You have that fine Nubian Goddess and she wants to bring her friends along so you’re only option is to bring along a wingmen, if she’s hot it’s like a reward for him but if she’s ugly it’s to see how down for team he is. A Bad wingman will be a dick to her and  then she’ll start cock blocking your game beacuse your dude has no game and then you regret bringing him along. As a wingman myself, I’ve let my boy give chicks he talking to my number so he doesn’t have to worry about his “main chick” finding out about her snooping in his phone, I lied for them alot and got them out some sticky situations.

With that said, the best wingman is a wingchick. I love my wingchick, she will remain nameless because some of our friends use her girl friends as one night  stands and that’s not a good look for her, so I’ll protect her innocents but I must say I recommend every single guy in the world to have a wingchick. A great wingchick is like a free pussy card, she can and will get a guy or girl laid before they can do it by themselves. She’ll always keep your interest in mind on the prowl, meaning she knows what type of chicks you like and don’t like,  certain fantasies you want  fulfilled and she’ll make it happen if she can. Only thing that can manipulate a women better than player is a wingchick, plus she know who’s DTF so it’s pluses across the board with wingchicks. With that said, wingchicks are as rare as 50 cent features, so if you have one hang on to her, you do not want to mess a great thing you have there.

Last note, never have your hating ass friends be a wing, you will never get any play. Hating friends are unintentional cock blockers. Fellas if you have that friend thats a dick or ladies that friend that’s bitch and y’all know what I’m talking about, that chick that say you came to together and leaving together and shit….. yeah you don’t bring them along when you’re trying to hook up it makes men have to work harder, which some will say fuck it and be gone and chicks will see the reflection of your dick friend as if you’re going to be a dick towards her, it’s like a walking bad rep on a first impression and that’s not a good look. So be wise about who you choose a staring line up when you on court, no one wants a ball hog or even worse, a Rasheed Wallace( I know it took someone a while to get that ha ha ha.) Stay tune for the final installment coming soon.

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