Gucci Mane gets Ice Cream tattoo on face; Proof that blacks are still losing! Smh

With Black History month just 19 days away, this has to be a major setback to the Black community. This picture just hit the airwaves about an hour ago and everyone seems to be speculating.

It was earlier reported last week that Gucci Mane was being sent to a mental rehab institution as a result from a probation violation; I can understand why now. Give the guy props for his development as an artist but, anyone who idolizes this guy is preposterous as fuck. However there’s a positive side to this; he just made Pharrell richer overseas in China and Japan.

This picture was not Photoshopped by the way.

Pay close attention because these are the type of people we put on a petal stool and it’s nothing but a mere reflection of us listeners at the end of the day.

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