Carmelo Anthony To Be Traded To The Other New York Team

Which is bacially a done deal, the Nuggets and Nets are close to completing a complicated three-team trade to send Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey. When you can’t get what you want as in the Knicks, you settle for the next best thing….. well is leaving a playoff team to a  team with only 12 wins really a good scenario?

The 15 player trade calls for New Jersey to acquire Anthony,as well as 04 Champs Billups and Hamilton reunite; Denver to land Devin Harris(who when traded is rumored to send sent back to Dallas), Derrick Favors, Anthony Morrow, some bench warmers and at least two first-round picks; and Pistons get Troy Murphy and Johan Petro.

The deal is set everyone is ready but Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri is the one who has yet to pull the trigger, he seems to be gun shy. He may back out like LA did with Kobe to Chicago years ago and then win two rings back 2 back so maybe it’s a….uh….uh……..I got nothing. Check back for updates.


One thought on “Carmelo Anthony To Be Traded To The Other New York Team

  1. Man there’s a lot going on in sports these days. The Carmelo Anthony trade rumours are really interesting and just thinking about how it changes the scope of the NBA is something that is cool just to imagine. I’m not sure it makes the Nets into instant contenders but I guess anything’s possible. It’s weird how we’re seeing the trend change to go for broke and win now. Not very many team’s want to build from within their organization anymore and I’m not sure hoping to sign a couple stars by clearing up cap space is the best method out there. As a Raptors fan I probably don’t want this trade to happen primarily because it shifts more power to the East, which is the last thing the Raps need in the next few years. But as an NBA fan it would be really fun to see.

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