Ted Williams, the man behind a million dollar voice gets a second shot at life

Meet Ted Williams, ex radio announcer, ex alcoholic, ex drug addict, ex inmate, and soon to be millionaire. For those who don’t know the story of the man blessed with a million dollar voice, allow us to do the honors. Ted Williams is a homeless man who typically dwells around interstate 71 in hopes of finding help. A type of help you give an individual going on two years since detox for alcohol & drugs.

While life may bring numerous mysteries, its said that as long as we believe in god we’re in good hands. God is definitely at work as Ted Williams is currently being sought to work for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Quicken loans arena. The organization is also offering to pay for his living expenses to accompany a two-year contract. On the contrary, NFL Films is also pursuing Ted to be the voice of many documentaries to come.

As if this feel good story isn’t enough, Williams is currently planning to see his 90-year-old mother who resides in Brooklyn, NY. When speaking about his mother, Williams gave this statement: “She has always been my best friend. When I was a kid, she would take me down to Radio City Music Hall and on the subway. I’m just glad that she is still around. I prayed that she would live long enough that I could make her proud and see could her son do something other than stand along the side of the road with a sign asking for money.” Williams has also stated that his mother is the only person who stood by him during his drug addiction. NBC’s Today show has Williams scheduled for an appearance tomorrow; which I’m sure will be a must see.

Though we could really use him in Madison Square Garden, I’m proud to see that a man who has once hit rock bottom has been given a second chance by the grace of god to do right by himself and his nine children. God bless Ted Williams and the local Columbus dispatcher who recorded this video.

Its time for us as a nation to increase positivity and stop viewing our fellow counterparts on a higher or lower scale. We were all created equally with individual talents. If this doesn’t inspire you to pay attention next time you see a homeless man or woman giving you their story then I don’t know what will.

God gave me a million-dollar voice and I just hope I can do right by him. – Ted Williams

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4 thoughts on “Ted Williams, the man behind a million dollar voice gets a second shot at life

  1. I felt very sad for Mr.Williams but now I am happy for him
    because somewhere in our lives we will get on the wrong road and we
    will be somewhat lost. We will be afraid and go to places and come
    across all kind of people some might mean us well but a lot will be
    misleading. We are easy prey.so after awhile we begin to get
    acustome to they lifestyles.Then we are like in a trans. Everywhere
    we turn we see the samething. Nomatter what your background is
    .soon or later you are gonna run into a storm,some hail, some rain
    a twister then some sun which can be classified as a second
    chance.GOD gave mr.Williams a gift.He bless all us with one. HE was
    a gift from GOd.So now he deserve a second chance to use his gift
    to help his people.

    1. Amen to that. The only way you can truly understand how important life is; is by hitting rock bottom. Second chances are often given to many people but, some are too ignorant to realize what’s being presented to them. God works 24/7 if you believe in a higher power; unfortunately people just aren’t believing. Hopefully this is a wake up call.

  2. Ted, truly this is God!!! He showed up and showed out!!! All He wants from us is to believe in Him, trust in Him, and have crazy FAITH in Him!!!! When you turned to God and spent daily time with Him, you turned your life around and for your prayers, your closeness to God and your strong faith to not give up….God answered your prayers…..on time!!! Remember, He was there ALL the time you were homeless…He kept you in His hands every day you were on the street. You’re safe in His bossom now. Ted, now you’ve been given another wonderful opportunity….remember this….the key to your successful future from today on….is to CONTINUE your close walk with God daily!!! Start out EVERY morning with spending time with God before you do anything else. He will continue to keep you safe and protected in this world we’re living in today. NEVER do anything without seeking God’s direction…He’ll never leave you nor forsake you!!! Always, blessings upon you and your family.


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