Most Anticipated Hip Hop Albums of 2011


The hype around this album, it better live up to the hype. I know most people stop checking for it but who can blame them this record like four years in the waiting. Dre finally drop the single “Kush” late 2010, so 2011 means it will finally drop…hopefully.

Young Jeezy-Thug Motivation 103

Jezzy set to return with another motivational album for the thugs that also been push back heavily could be due to the single “loose My mind” and choosing to have Plies over Drake on the original version(bad business move) or the luke warm beef with Officer Ricky. Neither one is helping his relevancy, so is this album still worth the waiting?

Kanye West & Jay-Z-Watch The Throne

Was first supposed to be a 5 track EP turned into a full album, Jay-Z and Kanye West a.k.a Illuminati Boyz(see what I did there) set for the biggest release out of the hip hop albums. They both bring out the best of each other, with no official single or legit promotion, Kanye West stated at a New Years eve party it’s to drop next week, pretty random but we’ll see.


J.Cole is killing the mixtape scene right now but I’m ready for that studio album to be release, We reported last year his debut was due out in August where he released his single “Who Dat” but was later pushed back. I think Roc Nation don’t that “Wale- incident” to happen to Cole but pushing his debut back only killing his buzz, it’s set to debut this year but who knows anymore.

Lupe Fiasco-Lasers

March 8 Baby! the only album on this list with an official date and may have the most pressure around it, I mean we the people demanded it in protest and Atlantic record feels the album isn’t ready. So he has to prove Alantic records wrong and deliver nothing short than a classic, no one wants to have protested for a wack album, that’ll kill your career, so the pressure is on Lupe and I can’t wait.

Lil Kim-Hard Core 2: All Hail The Queen

Lil Kim (The Original Barbie) last album “The Naked Truth” was a hot record and got 5 mics from the source but since that she’s been on the decline while her clone in Nicki Minaj has took the rise as the only relevant female Emcee thats until “Black Friday” came out and she went hood on the Kim Clone and showcase she still got it and I personally don’t care about the beef but I’m ready for Kim’s next album which is to feature Swizz Beatz, Will I Am and 50 Cent. Let’s Hope that album sees the light of day in 2011.

50 Cent-Black Magic

Fifty been stated on twitter that he has switched up his style a bit on this new album “Black Magic” and took  a couple of risks and stated you will hear some shit you wouldn’t expect, hopefully thats a good thing. Ending most of his beef is shockingly is what has him relevant linking up with Jadakiss and possible Kanye West track and a Jay Collab in the works. Fifty can easily shake the game and return to the top as best in the game.

Jay-Electronica-Act II: Patent of Nobility

Since 2007, Mr. Exhibit C has become notorious for his sparse but uniformly intriguing output.  Act II: Patents of Nobility serves to further his mystique. Since its announcement, no firm details about its release have surfaced. What we do know is that it is the follow-up to his first MySpace “release” Act I: Eternal Sunshine: The Pledge and  judging from singles “Exhibit A” and “Exhibit C” it will consist of a lot of samples and Jay’s inimitable flow.

Common-The Believer

After a Classic in “Finding Forever” and then a bull shit album in “Universal Mind Control” well it wasn’t that bad but it was a little shitty but I digress, it’s hard to grasp what’s to hold on his next installment. We can get the good Common or the Electric Circus Common (yes, I went there) but by the title it sounds hopeful into being a hit and Common is taking his time on this record unlike UMC and releasing it when it’s ready, so it may not even drop in 2011.

Eve-Lip Lock

Best female rapper period! Eve is set to make a looooong awaited return to music. After her smash “Tambourine” hit the charts, the album “Here I Am” with some good reviews but yet to be heard was just washed and never seen the light of day and she left Interscope and in pursuit to drop her fourth album sooner than later.

Lil Wayne-Tha Cater IV

The most hyped up album of 2011 is “The Carter IV, ” I don’t know why, “The Carter III” was cool but no classic. “Tha Carter II” is still the best of the series and I don’t see him toping that record ever and have yet top it. His new track “6’7” has the internet going into a freezy and it’s really overrated nothing ground breaking about that track traditional Wayne on his random punchline rant nothing special. Maybe he can prove me wrong with this album as one of the best in the game but I doubt it.


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