Suge Knight charged with the murder of Rap Legend Tupac Shakur

Finally justice is served. Well, sort of. As long suspected by Las Vegas detectives; Suge Knight was indeed that cause of Tupac Shakur’s murder. Now evidence has yet to prove that Suge was indeed the one behind the trigger. However, detectives are beginning to put pieces together following the fact that Tupac’s bodyguards were specifically asked by Mr. Knight to refrain from carrying a weapon. Sad that this took 14 years.

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6 thoughts on “Suge Knight charged with the murder of Rap Legend Tupac Shakur

  1. Its about time that the no good ass nigga gets charged with
    something! This nigga is the reason that two beautiful hip hop
    souls are at rest and we shouldnt stop until they put his ass to
    rest!!!!!! R.I.P Tupac and Biggie the lame took to real soliders
    but their legacy’s will live forever!!!!

    1. I could not agree with you more. The pain from the death of these two artists is unexplainable. Society will never be the same on either side because of one man’s corruption and greed. May god be with his soul come judgement day but, the death penalty is what he deserves.

  2. This nigga should have been arrested he refuse to tell what he saw that night and who shot Pac didn’t Kim get arrested for not snitching and this nigga just got a pass hmm sounds like someone was working for the system Killuminati!

    1. I mean, it was a well known fact that people feared him so that may have been why. I could have sworn this guy claimed bankruptcy, I’m trying to figure out how he was still pushing an escalade lol.

  3. Jae Sexx, you can eat shit for your outlandish far reaching
    bullshit. You continue to keep shit going such as a average shock
    jock looking for ratings and without the facts you’re just fishing
    like most. Whatever he deserves you can’t pass it.

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