2010 Hip-Hop Albums Of The Year

It’s finally here, the best hip hop albums of 2010, this may be the best year of hip hop of this millennium.

Honorable Mentions: Kidz In The Hall “Land Of Make Believe” Freeway “Stimulus Package” and Bun B “Trill OG”

10.Kid Cudi -Man On The Moon II: Story Of Mr.Rager

Going into a hip hop mindset is not the best idea listing to this album, you will over think it or at least that what I did when I first heard. Sequel to the Cudi’s debut and is a cult classic with the Rockstar lifestyle and Cudi’s battle with himself brings out a dark and artistic “Scott Mescudi Vs The World” and “Revofev.” Cudi has create his own genre with a emo type rockish rap and this album showcase someone mind tends to wonder into a land of make believe and you’ll keep you ears open track by track on this hit CD.

9.Black Milk-Album Of Year

Black Milk an underground star who set who produce a smash album for 2010. This album is like ‘Back to The Future,’  such a 90′s swag, less gimmicky and more about putting out good music. The strength of this album is the lyricism , the production is hot but Milk’s rhymes is what set it off.  He went in from start to finish and I dig each track from start to finish, can’t say that about any other album of this year,to have every track I like and this my first time listening to Black Milk.


8.Slum Village-Villa Manifesto

Slum Village is legendary and very underrated. Elzhi is a fucking monster, lyrically better than 3 of your top five as well as mines. This is a group that demand respect and I will be the first to give it, “Villa Manifesto” has features from all the members of Slum Village and with one of the most memorable opening track of 2010 “Bare Witness” Slum Village left us with a great farewell with this magnificent album, R.I.P Baatin and J Dilla.


7.Nas and Damien Marley-Distint Relatives

Nas made a return early in the year with Damien Marley for “Distant Relatives” Nas prove he is one of the best in the game hands down. No one can flip it like he can and some afraid to, because they worry about thier sells. One of my favorite lines from the album is Damien Marley on “Patient” where he raps “They pay no mind to the youth, ‘cos it’s not like the future depends on it,” This album is a “Nigger” sequel or taking that album to the next level with world poverty. This more of an awareness of whats going on in the world and it’s a listening album, you just sit and listen and be educated by The best in the business. This at number seven alone just shows how great this list is.


6.Rick Ross-Teflon Don


Ross came in heavy, I’m not even a Rick Ross fan but I can’t deny this man of a classic album. Ross can rap for 1 and I never really noticed it until hearing “Teflon Don” The album strengths is it’s features, Yeezy, Hova, Kiss and Styles P made the album worth the listen and Ross just shows the haters that you can say whatever about him but 1 thing you can’t say is he makes wack music. The flow, The Lyrics and the great production made this an instant smash. The Big line was reach but the album so great, I’ll let it slide….for now.

5.B.0.B-Adventures Of Bobby Ray

The best debut album of the year, the album produces and give great diversity on hip hop and music in general. Bobby Ray delivers a fresh, unique offering in “The Adventures Of Bobby Ray” and proves that he can go against the grain of emo-rap that is slowly enveloping the music industry and still reside among shooting stars. B.o.B  success of smashes “Nothing on You” and “Airplane” and is the only rapper feature in Mixtape of year and Album of the year and in both top 5, I think it’s safe to say, B.o.B is here to stay.


4.Lloyd Banks-The Hunger For More Pt2

Possibly saved G Unit with this record, One of PMB’s most unappreciated rappers , the best street album of the year. Banks didn’t try to fit with what is “hot” on this album and he just dropped what he knows and I can’t help but have respect for a rapper who does that. Banks is nice and I think hip hop needed this album to balance out the game. I got the “Get Rich” vibe on this album and is the best from 50’s camp to date, with respectable bangs such as “On The Double” and speak some real shit on “Father Time” and then, he has the balls to tell a females to good for him on “I Don’t Deserve You” much respect for that.  His complex metaphors on another level and he does it with an incredible flow and makes it so smooth that it feels natural.


3.Big Boi-Sir Luscious Left Foot:The Son OF Chico Dusty

One half of the legendary group Outkast, Big Boi finally dropped his long awaited ep this year and it is a classic. Big Boi is holding down the Outkast legacy with this album. His music still stands out for the norm in hip hop and his lyricism as well. Standing next to 3 Stacks, anyone can get over looked, but it is obvious now. This album is one of those timeless album, meaning you can play this 4 years from now and it will still be relevant. The style of the album is unique, and hilarious with the transition skits that David Blane skit had me in tears.



I’m not going to even stunt I wrote off em before this album, his last hit record was “The Eminem Show” after that he fell off major, that curtain call shit was wack and “Relapse” sounded like he did relapse, I thought he was just done and couldn’t deliver anymore but this album just blew me away and the rap game.  Em takes me to places I thought he could never take me on this album, probably places he was afraid to go at one point. He drop some real personal tracks and some classic Slim Shady hilarious tracks, “Call me a faggot cause I hate a pussy” Em came back like Tupac coming from the dead, big statement? Yeah that’s where I was trying to take it.


1.kanYe West-My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Not really surprising he’s number 1 if you heard the album, The production is outstanding, the best from Yeezy.  Lyrically, it’s not Kanye’s best but the songs as a whole are because the way this album is structured, Kanye has powerful verses that complement the production and is the strongest I’ve heard on a rap album period, the production alone is groundbreaking. It’s a masterpiece that can be compared to classic non-hip hop albums, song like” Runaway” and “Blame Game” I can connect on a emotional level having experienced those scenarios and show how Dark Kanye goes on this album. Tracks like “Monster” and “Gorgeous” drop the hip hop fix, then  “Lost In the World” and “Dark Fantasy” takes it to another level. Mr.West by far gave us  the hip hop classic of this century so far, this is some of the best music I’ve heard in years.


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