2010 Mixtapes Of The Year

Prolific Movement counts down the best of the best, top 10 mixtapes of 2010, does your favorite mixtape crack the list?

10. Diggy-Airborne

From Run’s House to a known favorite mixtape  in 2010. With the futuristic sounds and a vet flow on his sophomore mixtape “Airborne”, this young mc is growing to be something special in hip hop. Diggy shows that he wants to be one of the greatest and doesn’t shy away from saying it with track like “Vison” on where he sees himself in five years and expresses the doubter who are in denial that he write his own music on “Oh Yeah!” and trying to fit in with society with “Big Bad World” and “As I Am”. This would have been a smash album but making it a free record shows he wants to be respected as well as successful. “Airborne”  features hip hop heavyweights Lupe Fiasco, Pharell and Raekwon. Diggy also has co-signs from Nas and Kanye West, this mixtape may be the blueprint now for young mc.



9.Royce Da 5’9-The Bar Exam 3:The Most Interesting Man


Royce Da 5’9 has been on the rise this year since the Slaughterhouse success, with the release of this mixatape certified Royce as an elite Emcee in the rap game and grabbing every popular rappers instrumental and slaughtering it. Make sure you get this on your ipod, Detroit finest.


8.Yelawolf-Trunk Muzik

Yelawolf comes into 2010 with the most charismatic flow and he’s  a white rapper you can’t compare to Eminem. They sound nothing alike only thing similar is that their white, which isn’t a real comparison and Yela is more street savvy. ‘Trunk Muzik”  “Good To Go”  and the “I Wish” remix with Cyhi The Prince and Pill are highlights of Yelawolf talents and one of the guys to watch for in 2011. I wish a mother fucker would tell me this Emcee isn’t hot!


7.Jadakiss-Champ Is Here Pt. 3

Kiss drop hits on CIH3 for free so we should appreciate it because as an album this would be a classic record. With Nas, D-Block and Lox on the mixatpe only make it that much greater, “Soldier Survivors ” Nas murdered that shit, another classic mixtape from Kiss.


6.Wiz Khalifia-Kush and Oj

Wiz been doing his thing this year and “Kush and OJ” is one the highlights of Hip Hop of 2010. “Niggas pressed for pussy it ain’t nothing, instead of worrying bout’ who that bitch fucking why don’t u go getchu some money,” word to the man right there. Wiz is a hip hop’s favorite  and this mixtape is a fun record, it’s about having a good time record and relaxing with the dope rhymes of Khalifa , Red and Meth should be proud of this youngin.

5.Nickelus F-Season Premiere/Commercials

Nickelus F may be the most unknown on the list, some my know him from VA, others 106 and Park freestyle Friday champ or from Drake’s first miztape in 06 “Room For Improvement” where he shitted on Drake on each track he was on. Finally bringing out the best of himself with two classic mixtape in one year. Nick isn’t looking for fame he’s looking for respect as a rapper and you got it “Who would of known that this short dude would get so big” one of the few classic lines from Nick. These mixtapes putting Nick on the map for greatness, set himself not with the populars rappers, but above some of them, go download and check him out you won’t be disappointed. You can tell rapping just flows in his blood and the mixtape prove good music doesn’t get unnoticed.

4. Consequence-Moves On Demand

Con drop the hottest mixtape out of the G.O.O.D music camp and in hip hop in general. It was like listening to short stories with “Don’t Stand Too Close,” “Life Is Short” and the feature line up is the best Talib Kweli, Common, Q Tip, Kanye Wset, Rick Ross, Styles P, Pharoahe Monch, WHAT! all star cast on this movies and with rumors around the controversy of “Man Purse”  comes off as a G.O.O.D music diss but we won’t know much about that untill Movies on Demand 2!!!!


3.J.Cole-Friday Night Lights


J.Cole setting the bar for the new school cats, “Too Deep For The Intro” maybe the hardest intro I ever heard. His relationships struggles are quite entertaining and engaging as J Cole is. One of the few Fresh Emcee’s thats have classic tracks  with no official albums released. With these top quality tracks and just giving them away only puts pressure on his debut. Cole give realness and his openness he has leaves him vulnerable on verses and not many rapper does that it helps you feel the artist more and respect him for not bull shitting and just giving the real and is why he’s the voice of the people.


2.B.o.b-No Genre

This mixtape was released yesterday and the impact of it not only made it into our list but at the number 2 spot, shows how B.o.b is hands down one of the biggest Hip Hop stars in the game and we’re the same age and that’s quite impressive. His crossover style makes it right to tilted this mixatpe “No Genre” because he is a talented artist that can crossover to any genre and kill and this mixtape is no different. He even attacks the Illuminati believers numerous of times and in “Watchers” he states how can you judge us when you know shit about the industry or our personal beliefs. Bobby Ray takes it to another level with track like “Cold As Ice” showing his skills at storytelling and the brainwashing of Television killing our creative minds with “Shoot Up The Station” and even covers Coldplay’s “Lost.”  B.o.b isn’t the most lyrical, but he is one of the most creative and talented musicians in hip hop and he can’t be put into a box. He’s deeper than rap, and this is just great music.


1.Wale-More About Nothing

The best mixtape of 2010 is by far Wale’s “More about Nothing” with a classic in his first About Nothing mixtape and his underachieved classic “Attention: Deficit”  this mixtape sets Wale as one of the best of 2010 and not holding back on his opinion on about his album marketing to being in Tiger Woods positions of the scandal, and being called a homophobic. With transitions of the classic Seinfeld show and Wale’s poetic sessions make this the mixtape of 2010 and Wale as the leader of the New School.


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