T.I-No Mercy(Album Review)

No Mecry………more like no sympathy……………..

The self proclaimed King of the south set to released his seventh studio album titled “No Mercy.” After being released this year everyone was hyped to see T.I return to the top with his “King Unchanged” album but, he gets in trouble with the law again, and it’s to the point like why keep supporting stupidity cuz if he was any other nigga on the street we’d all be that’s what your dumb ass get but since he has a little stardom, some give him the benefit of the doubt, but I’m not here to talk about his criminal record. Lets face it, I’ll be here all day, with all this in and out of jail, that not even the point. The main focus is can he top his “Paper Trail” album and return to the throne.

Well T.I starts the album off mediocre, Kanye production doesn’t work for everyone and it doesn’t really fit Tip on that track, and Yeezy verse wasn’t much wow factor to it, maybe at the bottom on features this year, manly because he try to go hard like on Banks’ “Start It Up” and goes soft, the hook is dope but the verses are not at all memorable. Tip hooks up with alot of great producers and they don’t mesh well with T.I or maybe he just not coming hard enough for me. “Amazing” Wack, Pharrell killed his verse but the hook and Tip verses are trash. Listening to this album I thought of his “King.” album and that’s not a good thing on the count of that album wasn’t all that. “Get Back Up” with Chris Brown is hella cheesy, “I’m only human ya’ll,” since sipping syrup and taking E is so human, get the fuck out of here with that bull shit. Then Chris Brown on the hook, C’mon Son! ain’t you the one that knocked Rhianna down and told the bitch to get back up to knock her down again, just saying, down try to use the victim card because of your ignorant decision, own up to your shit and Tip gives me nothing of that stature on this album. But when he does bring it on the album he brings it such as on “How Life Changed” with Scarface, “Salute” and thats pretty much it.

What the hell happen to “Got Your Back” and “I’m Back,” that was the hottest track he came out with this year, that’s what had me hyped for the album but this shit on here is weak. It’s not bad it’s just no strong tracks, “Papper Trail” had “Swagger Like Us”, “Live your Life,” “Illy,” “What’s Happening” and “On Top Of The World” with Luda and B.O.B, that album is a classic but this is by far his weakest album to date. I don’t know what the hell happen but Tip jail ain’t helping your music. He went in top 5 in the game and come out to what ever the hell you call this shit. Nothing on this album is considered a classic if anything this is would be decent a mixtape than a album. Tip drops some decent bars too on the album but most of the production is stale, nothing unique about the album for the most part and some of his features are as medicore as he is. I know Tip can come harder than this shit, this is a big let down for 2010.

Overall, if your a big fan of T.I you’ll most likey force yourself to love this album and will tolerate it but other than the big T.I fans, I say pass. If you have heard the great albums that were released this year and even “Paper Trail” This isn’t needed in your collection. To call himself the King, this was a jester return to the game. I thought he rushed this out anyway from jump. After getting arrested he should have pushed the album back till he get released and work on it more but beggars can’t be choosers.  This album is just put into one word…. plain, gotta come harder then this Tip.

Recommend tracks: How Life Change, Salute


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