Redman-Reggie(Album Review)

What Up Doc……..

One half of the hip hop’s Batman and Robin, , I’ve been waiting on this album all year, and anticipating it more than any other album, because of his lack of appreciation in hip hop as one of the greats. After the success of Bo2, Doc finally releases his long awaited “Reggie”album does it deliver?

Let me first say, about damn time Red. I thought Def Jam was going to scrap the album, not only did we get the album but a mixtape a week before, it’s like my ipod Christmas. Red dose not disappoint on the mic, punchlines are insane, Doc and Fab are the best punchlines rappers in the game. He did his thing for the most part, it’s the tradition Red album very animated with hilarious lines and still that gritty hip hop vibe of the mid 90’s, but the album is missing some classic though such as “Oh My” “Looking Fly” and “Money On My Mind” and guess what, they’re on the mixtape “Pancake and Syrup.”

Thats the fault of this album, is the strength of the mixtape. Together they’re a hot product but just the album, after hearing the mixtape, I feel the mixtape better than the album, Dwele, Biggie and Nate Dogg on the mixtape cmon Red, how you gonna leave the hits off the album. With that said. I’m enjoying “Pancake and Syrup” more than the Album as of right now. “Reggie” has some good tracks, “Lite Wicha Boi” “Mic, Lights, Camera, Action” and “All I Do” and a few others but the mixtape got smashes, my favorite records are on the mixtape and thats were I feel Red selling himself short. Redman should have made this a double CD or something, it’s hard to sell someones album when you like their free shit better.

That’s not the only problem “Reggie” faces, as animated as Redman is, some tracks I’m  lost like “What the fuck is he talking about” the whole concept of some songs get lost in his verses. The punchline rappers are also hard to grasp, they tend to come dependent on punchlines,then each bar is a punchline and thats just wack, drop some food for thought. To add, as many punchlines there is, none were memorable. The realest tracks on the album is “All I Do,” And “Lemme Get 2” he needs more tracks like that. Overall, is a good album nothing special, Red does Red take it how you want it, either you  love it or hate it and thats how the album is, one track Red just drop some incredible lyricism, next track Red just dropping metaphors with no message or concept what so ever. It’s likes watching a comedy movie with no plot, the comedic gags are hilarious but the overall story is lost and that’s kind of disappointing on a count I’ve been waiting on this all year.

Recommended Tracks: Mics, Lights Camera, Action, All I Do, Lemme Get 2


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